The man who drove a van through a crowd of pedestrians in Toronto was an active participant in online Mens’ Rights communities, according to a Facebook post sent minutes before his rampage that killed 10 and injured 15.

(The post can be viewed below, although the suspect’s identity has been obscured due to Grit Post’s ongoing commitment to refrain from contributing to the publicity of mass shooters and killers.)


In the post, the Toronto killer identifies himself as a member of the “Incel Rebellion.” Incel is internet shorthand for “involuntary celibates,” a community of men unable to attract women into sexual relationships. These communities vent much of their anger at sexually active men (“Chads”) and women (“Stacys”), most frequently targeting their rants at the feminist movement and women.

While individual opinions on these boards vary, the forums often become a repository for violent misogyny. Reddit, usually infamous for allowing controversial content under the guise of free speech, was forced to ban an incel community of a whopping 41,000 people for violent speech last November.

“A reminder that no female has ever looked at you and thought you were attractive,” proclaimed one thread, with another spouting “Women are horrible human beings in every aspect of life”.

A member of another incel group gained infamy in April for posing as a woman online to ask legal experts “how rapists get caught.”

The Toronto terrorist’s celebration of the “Supreme Gentleman” is a reference to another man in his early twenties who, in 2014 stabbed three people to death in his apartment before taking a gun to a nearby sorority house in Isla Vista, California near the UC Santa Barbara campus and shooting three more women who were walking outside, killing two, before killing himself. The Isla Vista killer has become something of a hero within many in the incel community, known for his rambling 107,000+ word manuscript which rages against women and minorities due to his status as a “kissless virgin.”

The Toronto terrorist has been charged with 10 counts of premeditated murder and 13 counts of attempted murder. While his victims have not been publicly identified, officials say they were “predominantly female.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Grit Post does not publish the names or likenesses of mass killers, and we discourage other media outlets from doing so in order to avoid contributing to future mass shootings by making killers famous.) 


Nathan Wellman is a journalist from Los Angeles who has written for US Uncut and Grit Post. Follow him on Twitter: @LIGHTNINGWOW

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