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On Wednesday, the Associated Press published a list of 62 state legislators across the country involved in sexual misconduct allegations.

The list, which was compiled by state government reporters across the country, includes 36 Republican lawmakers and 26 Democratic members of state legislatures. The list started tacking on increasing numbers of lawmakers after the #MeToo movement emboldened both women and men to come forward with experiences of sexual assault, harassment, and other misconduct.

Of the 62 legislators named on this list, 25 (15 Republicans, 10 Democrats) have either resigned or been removed from office. Some of the most egregious examples include Rep. Don Shooter (R-Arizona), who was expelled from office in a 56-3 vote in February after being accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and for creating a hostile work environment in the state capitol. Shooter’s expulsion was the first time a legislator was booted from office by their colleagues in 26 years.

While 20 other state legislators (11 Democrats, 9 Republicans) on the AP’s list of lawmakers facing sexual misconduct allegations didn’t resign or get thrown out of office, they did end up facing other repercussions. In Oklahoma, Rep. Will Fourkiller (D-Oklahoma) was ordered to undergo sensitivity training in February of 2017 after it was revealed he made inappropriate sexual comments to a high school page. Fourkiller was also banned from having pages for a year. The committee investigating the accusations against Rep. Fourkiller also subsequently recommended the expulsion of Rep. Dan Kirby (R-Oklahoma) in relation to complaints of sexual harassment by two former legislative assistants, one of whom was paid $44,500 in taxpayer money from a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Another list of 17 state legislators (12 Republicans, 5 Democrats) accused of sexual misconduct still currently hold office and have not been punished, except in special circumstances. Rep. Dan Johnson (R-Kentucky), a non-denominational pastor elected in 2015, committed suicide after the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting published a report detailing a 2012 incident in which he kissed, groped, and manually penetrated a 17-year-old girl despite her pleas for him to stop.

Another notable allegation with no punishment involved state senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-Missouri) accusing fellow Democrat Rep. Joshua Peters (D-Missouri) of sexual harassment. Peters allegedly grabbed Chappelle-Nadal inappropriately and called her “boo,” as well as “bitch.” However, a House committee dismissed the complaint in 2017.

“The policies that are put in place in the House are totally ineffective,” Sen. Chappelle-Nadal told the AP.

Here is the full list — organized by state — of state legislators accused of sexual misconduct so far, according to the AP (an asterisk next to a lawmaker’s name means they are no longer in office):

1. Rep. Dean Westlake* (D-Alaska)

2. Sen. David Wilson (R-Alaska)

3. Rep. Don Shooter* (R-Arizona)

4. Assemblyman Matt Dababneh* (D-California)

5. Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra* (D-California)

6. Sen. Tony Mendoza* (D-California)

7. Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-California)

8. Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-California)

9. Assemblywoman Autumn Burke (D-California)

10. Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-California)

11. Rep. Steve Lebsock* (D-Colorado)

12. Rep. Paul Rosenthal (D-Colorado)

13. Sen. Randy Baumgartner (R-Colorado)

14. Sen. Jack Tate (R-Colorado)

15. Sen. Larry Crowder (R-Colorado)

16. Rep. Angel Arce* (D-Connecticut)

17. Sen. Jack Latvala* (R-Florida)

18. Sen. Jeff Clemens* (D-Florida)

19. Sen. David Shafer (R-Georgia)

20. Rep. Joseph Souki* (D-Hawaii)

21. Rep. James Holtzclaw (R-Idaho)

22. Sen. Ira Silverstein* (D-Illinois)

23. Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix (R-Iowa)

24. Sen. Julian Carroll (D-Kentucky)

25. House Speaker Jeff Hoover (R-Kentucky)

26. Rep. Jim DeCesare (R-Kentucky)

27. Rep. Brian Linder (R-Kentucky)

28. Rep. Michael Meredith (R-Kentucky)

29. Rep. Dan Johnson* (R-Kentucky)

30. Rep. Jim Stewart (R-Kentucky)

31. Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Massachusetts)

32. Sen. Dan Schoen* (D-Minnesota)

33. Rep. Tony Cornish* (R-Minnesota)

34. Rep. John Moore* (R-Mississippi)

35. Rep. Josh Peters (D-Missouri)

36. Sen. Mark Manendo* (D-Nevada)

37. Sen. Michael Padilla (D-New Mexico)

38. Assemblyman Steven McLaughlin (R-New York)

39. Sen. Jeff Klein (D-New York)

40. Rep. Duane Hall (D-North Carolina)

41. Sen. Clifford Hite* (R-Ohio)

42. Rep. Wes Goodman* (R-Ohio)

43. Rep. Rick Perales (R-Ohio)

44. Rep. Bill Seitz (R-Ohio)

45. Sen. Matt Huffman (R-Ohio)

46. Rep. Michael Henne (R-Ohio)

47. Rep. Dan Kirby* (R-Oklahoma)

48. Sen. Ralph Shortey* (R-Oklahoma)

49. Sen. Bryce Marlatt* (R-Oklahoma)

50. Rep. Will Fourkiller (D-Oklahoma)

51. Sen. Jeff Kruse* (R-Oregon)

52. Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Pennsylvania)

53. Rep. Nick Miccarelli (R-Pennsylvania)

54. Rep. Tom Caltagirone (D-Pennsylvania)

55. Sen. Nicholas Kettle* (R-Rhode Island)

56. Rep. Matthew Wollmann* (R-South Dakota)

57. Rep. Mark Lovell* (R-Tennessee)

58. Rep. David Byrd (R-Tennessee)

59. Rep. John Stanard* (R-Utah)

60. Rep. Matt Manweller (R-Washington)

61. Rep. David Sawyer (D-Washington)

62. Rep. Josh Zepnick (D-Wisconsin)


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