Police responded Tuesday afternoon to multiple reports of shots fired at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California. Police advised San Bruno residents to stay away from Cherry Avenue and Bay Hill Drive where the headquarters is located.

Employees took to Twitter to announce the event, and sought safety in barricaded rooms. A Snapchat video shared by The Verge shows employees fleeing the building with hands raised above their heads.

At the time of this reporting it is unclear what injuries or casualties were sustained, but one employee reported blood on the floor and stairs of the Cherry Avenue building. Initially, no casualties were reported.

YouTube’s headquarters are typically locked, requiring guests to be buzzed in, as a precaution given the intense feelings that tend to surround the platform’s content moderation policies. It is presently unknown if the shooter’s agenda relates to YouTube’s content or if the shooter was buzzed in.

YouTube employs around 1,700 people at it’s San Bruno campus.

GritPost will continue to follow this story as it develops.

UPDATE 5:00 EDT: Local affiliate reports a female and male shooter, multiple people confirmed shot though local hospitals are not disclosing number or condition at this time. The coroner has been called to the scene, indicating casualties.

UPDATE 5:21 EDT: A Fox affiliate is reporting the shooter is down, and the threat has ended. Awaiting confirmation from local police.

UPDATE 5:40 EDT: Police statement to the media at 5:35 Eastern/2:35 local. Four victims are wounded, one woman dead from apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound thought to be the or a shooter, but police are unsure.

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