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During the vote on the resolution to fund the government, a hot mic picked up a Republican senator judging the physical appearance of a senate page.

Senator Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi) was caught on the senate’s mic talking about a page while the Secretary of the Senate read off each senator’s vote on the continuing resolution that would keep the federal government open for another three weeks. CQ Roll Call Congressional Reporter Amelia Frappoli noticed Wicker’s loud statement about a young girl’s appearance and isolated the clip from C-SPAN’s record of the vote:

“I thought you were going to say this was one of the most beautiful girls,” said the 66-year-old senator in front of a group of high school-age pages. “What about these others?”

In the opening section of the clip, Wicker is seen talking to a group of roughly eight Senate pages — who are typically high school juniors or seniors ranging from 16 to 18 years old. In some cases, pages can be rising juniors, meaning that they are between the 10th and 11th grades. On his official Senate website, Wicker calls himself “a strong supporter of Christian family values.”

Sen. Wicker is one of President Trump’s loudest supporters in the Senate, recently recording a video praising Trump’s tax cuts for corporations, elimination of environmental, financial, and labor regulations, and confirmation of right-wing judges to federal judiciary posts.

“I look forward to another year of working with President Trump to grow our economy and keep Americans safe,” Sen. Wicker said in a video commemorating the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration.

As of this writing, Wicker has not yet responded to the hot mic moment. He is up for re-election in November.


Scott Alden is a freelance contributor covering national politics, education, and environmental issues. He is a proud Toledo University graduate, and lives in the suburbs of Detroit.

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