35-year-old Republican consultant Benjamin Sparks is on the lam, evading likely charges relating to the alleged enslavement and battery of his now ex-fiancée.

On Wednesday, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported that sparks’ 46-year-old ex-fiancée provided a document signed by Sparks and herself (the victim was not identified by the paper) which laid out a cruel and abusive arrangement between the couple. Even though the document was signed by both parties, the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution deems the practice of slavery illegal unless deemed as appropriate punishment by a court.

Sparks and his ex-fiancée signed a five-page contract stating that she would be his “slave and property.” Under the contract, the woman was forced to kneel and look down when she entered his presence, be nude at all times, have sexual relations with him whenever he wanted and wear a collar in private.

Officers originally came to the home of the couple in response to an alleged domestic battery incident on March 29. However, Sparks fled before police came to investigate, and may end up facing domestic battery charges, according to the Review-Journal. The victim said Sparks left all of his belongings behind and fled to Texas.

Before he was a fugitive on the lam, Sparks was listed as the Political Affairs Director for the Las Vegas-based firm RedRock Strategies. However, Sparks was fired from his position following the March 29 incident. Sparks was also working on the campaigns of Nevada 4th Congressional District candidate Crescent Hardy, and New Mexico state legislator Yvette Herrell, who is also running for Congress. Both candidates are against government regulation of business and in favor of lowering taxes on the wealthy.

The Review-Journal also reported that Sparks was a spokesman and consultant for high-profile Republican campaigns, like Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential run, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s successful campaign to beat back a recall attempt.

As of this writing, Sparks has not turned himself in, and his whereabouts remain unknown.


Logan Espinoza is a freelance contributor specializing in economic issues. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and daughter. Contact him at logan DOT espinoza AT yahoo DOT com.

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