41-year-old Rory French of Graham, Washington, is facing a hate crime charge after being caught on video attacking a black Denny’s employee.

In a video posted to Twitter this week, French is seen swinging and cursing at a black employee at a Denny’s restaurant in Parkland, Washington while a white customer in a booth stops eating and holds him by his overalls until police arrive.

(TRIGGER WARNING: This video contains profanity and racial slurs that may be distressing for some viewers.)

“Just leave!” One Denny’s customer is heard telling French, while placing his body between French and the worker he’s trying to hit.

“You need to stop. The cops are on the way,” another customer tells him.

“I don’t give a fuck!” French replied, as he climbs over a booth to get to the worker, who was on his break. “I’ll beat your fuckin’ ass, n***er!”

At that point, the customer who told French that the police were on their way to the restaurant grabs French by his clothes to restrain him.

“Get the fuck off me!” French yelled.

“You need to quit threatening everybody in here bud, and settle down,” the Denny’s customer restraining him says.

“C’mon, you fuckin’ n***er! C’mon!” French says, ignoring the white customer restraining him.

“You need to chill out! He’s done nothing to you!” the customer responds.

According to local news outlet KIRO, police said French wanted “a fight with anybody and anything.” French has since been charged with a hate crime due to the racial nature of the attack.

“He was actually going after somebody because of their race,” Pierce County Sheriff’s detective Ed Troyer told KIRO. “When it’s race motivated, that makes it a crime, and he met all those circumstances.”

French was reportedly ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation prior to being charged. The Raw Story reported that French has previous criminal convictions for assault.


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