The shutdown over the border wall has become the longest in history, and there is still no end in sight. But a new poll from Quinnipiac finds that not only do Americans want government to reopen, but want it to reopen without funding the wall.

Not only do 63 percent of Americans support a Democratic proposal to reopen almost everything currently shuttered while negotiating border security, but majorities in every demographic group except Republicans favored the policy.

It should be noted that the proposal Quinnipiac polled about would not reopen parts of the government related to border security, which Congress and the president are at an impasse over. This means that even under this proposal, federal agents on the border wouldn’t receive paychecks for their work.

The poll finds that 63 percent of Americans also oppose the idea of using the shutdown to force action on a border wall. Again, the only demographic to support that idea is Republicans. Quinnipiac also finds that 56 percent of Americans blame the shutdown on President Trump and 55 percent remain opposed to the wall under any circumstances.

Americans also said in clear majorities that they believe the wall does not make America safer, is not necessary to protect the border, is not a wise use of taxpayer dollars, and does not represent American values.

The Republican message, that Democrats are denying a compromise on needed border security, is clearly not landing with voters based on Monday’s poll. 49 percent found Trump’s primetime oval office address to be “mostly misleading” and 65 percent oppose using a national emergency to fund the wall.

In fact, even the Washington Examiner — a paper under fire for improperly carrying the administration’s water — claims that support for the wall is at “an all-time high” of 42 percent. Quinnipiac points out that number remains relatively unchanged since the shutdown began, showing no gain of ground for the administration.

Democrats appear to be firm in their opposition to the wall, and Trump has traveled to the border to try to sell the proposal. Monday’s figures show that his efforts haven’t been working. He hasn’t even convinced any of the Congressional representatives from border districts.

There is still no end in sight for the partial government shutdown as is nears one full month.


Katelyn Kivel is a contributing editor and senior legal reporter for Grit Post in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Follow her on Twitter @KatelynKivel.

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