“Port Arthur” is a top national trend on Twitter because residents are using the medium as a last resort to get rescued. But 45* has already moved on.

45’s most recent tweet about Hurricane Harvey victims was sent two hours ago as of this writing, saying his heart “goes out even more to the great people of Texas!” Other than tweeting “Leaving for Texas!” on Tuesday, the president of the United States hasn’t tweeted anything about the disaster rocking the Gulf Coast since last weekend.

However, the humanitarian crisis in Port Arthur, Texas is worsening by the minute, as the city’s residents trapped in their homes by rapidly rising floodwaters are tweeting out their addresses and asking for anyone with a boat to come rescue them. Many of the accounts tweeting say they have children and elderly people in their homes, and that water has almost reached their roof.

Port Arthur is home to the nation’s largest oil refinery, which has been shut down in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The city lies Southeast of Houston, and has seen more than 40 inches of rainfall, though only a fraction of the resources necessary for rescue are being mobilized due to floodwaters. Jefferson County Sheriff Zena Stephens, whose jurisdiction includes Port Arthur, told a local Fox affiliate that many of the city’s residents were “standing in water” while waiting for rescue, which has been slow due to problems caused by the intense flooding in the area.

Mayor Derrick Freeman urged residents asking for help to stay put, assuring them that boats will come for them even though resources are scarce.

“Part of our rescue team is now fighting an apartment fire and rescuing folks from the complex. And the lightning has slowed up some rescues, but they have NOT stopped,” Freeman wrote on Tuesday night. “Our whole city is underwater right now but we are coming! If you called, we are coming.”

(*EDITOR’S NOTE: GritPost.com is now exclusively referring to Donald Trump as “45.” Please read our official statement on Twitter explaining the decision.)


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