(EDITOR’S NOTE, 12/11/18, 4:57 PM ET: This article was updated to include a follow-up statement from the @eyesofgritty account disputing Aldo’s Pizzarama’s assertion that Mark Anthony Tucci was no longer with the company.)

An online anti-fascist unit in Philadelphia has committed itself to outing members of a violently racist Philly branch of the Proud Boys gang. Today, they delivered on their intentions.

The group, which co-opted Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot “Gritty” as their own and features the Twitter handle “Gritty is Watching,” (@eyesofgritty) plastered a group-shot of Proud Boys on their Twitter account yesterday and told viewers to “Say hello to the Philly proud boys!”

“Gritty will help you become familiar with the people in this picture, starting tomorrow! If one of these is you, don’t worry, I already know,” the announcement warned.

They soon followed their proclamation with employment info on alleged Philly Proud Boys member Mark Anthony Tucci, who appears to sport Proud Boys regalia in at least one “Eyes of Gritty” re-post.

The group doxed Tucci with information about his Philadelphia employer, Aldo’s Pizzarama, in Bustleton, along with a contact number for the restaurant and a request to “ask (the management) why they are employing a proud member of an SPLC-designated hate group.” (the first tweet in the thread with the number for Aldo’s has since been deleted.)

A December 10 call to Aldo’s Pizzarama suggests that Tucci hasn’t worked for the company in weeks, however.

“We let him go four weeks ago,” said self-identified manager “Omar,” who would not give his last name.

“They started calling today and they have not stopped,” a frustrated Omar told Grit Post. “It is interfering with business in a big way. While I’m talking to you, I’ve got a guy on the second line right now harassing me. I’m not making business at all right now.”

The group, which disputes the claim that Tucci is no longer with the company, also believes that Tucci runs a Facebook group/webshow called “Under Review: Sports Talk & Pizza,” with alleged Philadelphia Proud Boy, John Williams. The group promises that WIlliams and others will be introduced/doxxed to the public very shortly.

An anti-fascist organizer in Philadelphia, who asked to remain anonymous, said outing racists like this was a kind of preventive measure against far right groups that have historically been a springboard to right wing death squads in fascist regimes, like Moussolini’s black shirts, or the Sturmabteilung of Nazi Germany.

“These groups are potentially extremely dangerous if they grow out of control,” the Antifa source told Grit Post. “Normalizing their activities and ideology and allowing them to act and organize without resistance lets them grow exponentially. We are poised to voice our disapproval now and stop them before they grow too powerful.”

The source added that the @eyesofgritty account got hit with a rash of reports hours after the posts went up and then fell into suspension. The source predicted, however, that the “shadowban” will likely be soon resolved and that “Gritty will come back swinging.”

The Philadelphia Proud Boys made an impotent name for themselves in the news last month after attempting to organize a rally to attract white supremacists and other punchy hate groups. The resulting event ended without much incident beyond cab and Uber drivers refusing to offer racists a quick exit from the gathering crowd of critics.

Nationally, however, the Proud Boys have been labeled an extremist group by the FBI, according to a memo sent to law enforcement in Washington state. Video producer Vic Berger highlighted a series of troubling remarks made by Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes (also a co-founder of VICE), in which he said “we need more violence from the Trump people,” and called on members to “choke a motherfucker. Choke a tranny. Get your fingers around the windpipe.”


Adam Lynch is a part-time “word-puncher” in Jackson, Mississippi. Battle with him on Twitter @A_damn_Lynch. He’s also on Facebook, if that’s still a thing.

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