The heroism exhibited by students under attack in Parkland, Florida was a clear contrast to the cowardice of Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Peterson.

In a recent speech, National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre addressed the Parkland shooting, and added that future school shootings could be prevented with more armed security. However, Thursday’s news of an armed school resource officer failing to intervene in last week’s shooting directly contradicts LaPierre’s argument.

During the February 14 massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School, Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Peterson — who was also the School Resource Officer — never went inside the building despite knowing there was a man inside with a rifle shooting up classrooms. In a press conference, Scott Israel said the correct course of action for Peterson would have been to enter the building and “address the killer.” Instead, surveillance footage showed Peterson taking a position on the west side of building 12 (known as “the freshmen building”), but not once entering the building itself.

This is a clear contrast to the heroism of the unarmed teens and faculty members inside the building who put themselves in harm’s way to prevent more children from being killed. 15-year-old Peter Wang, a JROTC student who held open a door so his classmates could flee the building, was killed by the shooter while wearing his uniform. The U.S. Military Academy at West Point posthumously accepted Wang into the school, due to “heroic actions on Feb. 14, 2018.”

Another heroic victim of the Stoneman Douglas massacre was 37-year-old assistant football coach Aaron Feis, who died of gunshot wounds sustained while putting himself between the gunman and children trying to escape the building.

“[Feis] selflessly shielded students from the shooter when he was shot. He died a hero and he will forever be in our hearts and memories,” the school’s football program tweeted.

In addition to Wang and Feis, 15-year-old Anthony Borges — a Venezuelan immigrant — was shot five times helping his fellow classmates get to safety. After hearing gunshots ring out, Borges and two friends hid inside an empty room. However, Borges was compelled to do whatever he could to save as many students as possible, and even mustered the strength to call his father after he was shot. Borges is currently listed in fair condition, though he still has multiple surgeries to undergo before he is fully recovered.

Deputy Peterson was originally placed on unpaid leave following the Parkland shooting. However, he resigned on Thursday after security footage emerged showing him taking no action to confront the shooter.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Grit Post does not publish the names of mass shooters, and we discourage other media outlets from doing so in order to avoid contributing to future mass shootings by making killers famous.) 


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