Harith Augustus

When a suspect has a gun, police tend to take that as a green light to shoot. So much so that a veteran was fired for not killing a suspect attempting suicide by cop in 2016. It doesn’t matter if that gun was possessed lawfully, as was the case of Harith Augustus.

Harith Augustus (also known as “Snoop”) was killed by police officers in Chicago on July 14. Superintendent Eddie Johnson released a tiny snippet of body camera footage and highlighted the gun Augustus possessed.

“There’s so many unanswered questions. I don’t think that people are satisfied with the video,” said mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green. “From what we’ve seen thus far, everyone is beholden to the mayor and they rarely make decisions that are for the people. And that’s the problem.”

One of those things in question is the card Augustus was fetching when the cop attacked him: apparently a Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card.

Another question that Green didn’t raise is, where is the National Rifle Association (NRA)? Police officers may have killed a lawful gun owner for lawfully carrying a gun.

Cliven Bundy is an icon to white militia groups. Bundy got in an armed standoff with government officials that had the potential to become a bloodbath over his cattle grazing on government land. Bundy does not recognize the authority of the United States at all.

Two years later, Bundy’s son Ammon became involved in another high-stakes armed standoff with the government at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. They occupied a national government facility with firearms for 41 days. This standoff was characterized by some as an armed insurrection against the United States of America.

The spark that lit the powder keg in Oregon was a pair of ranchers who were convicted of arson. Donald Trump pardoned them last week.

Earlier this year, a judge dismissed charges against Cliven Bundy as well.

Meanwhile, a Chicago man was shot seconds after trying to prove he had a right to bear arms. Augustus won’t get a hero’s welcome like Bundy, after beating the rap on open rebellion.

Harith Augustus got nine seconds to react and was killed.

Ammon Bundy got 41 days in open rebellion and is a folk hero.


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