This weekend, a hate group carried out a random assault against protesters on the streets of New York. Now, local anti-fascist activists are exposing them.

On Sunday night, the Twitter account for New York City Antifa posted a detailed thread showing various photos of the people involved in the fracas that broke out following “Proud Boys” founder Gavin McInnes’ speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club. In addition to the thread, New York antifa posted a blog listing the social media accounts, LinkedIn profiles, and workplaces of the attackers seen in the photos.

“After the talk, in which McInnes celebrated the assassination of Japanese socialist Inejiro Asanuma, a group of about 30 Proud Boys ran wild attacking small groups of protesters. Witnesses report that the cops stood by and watched the attack.” the blog post read. “In order to protect our communities, we’re publishing the names, social media, and workplaces of the attackers below.”

The Twitter thread is incredibly detailed, delving into not only where each attacker worked, but their hate group affiliations, past events in which they’re seen giving neo-Nazi signals, shirts of neo-Nazi music groups, and photos of tattoos displaying affiliations with various anti-Semitic and racist groups.

“Hope whatever comes your way was worth that 4th degree!” New York antifa tweeted in one post, referring to the 4th degree of Proud Boys membership in which members move up in the organization by engaging in street violence.

On Sunday night, Newsweek reported that the New York Police Department’s hate crime unit is investigating the assault.

“The NYPD is fully investigating last night’s attack involving the Proud Boys. If you know anything, the NYPD wants your help,” New York mayor Bill de Blasio told NY1. “Hate is never welcome in NYC and we will punish those responsible — whether they threw punches or incited violence — to the fullest extent of the law.”


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    1. Yes ! Zero tolerance for not doing their jobs. Zero tolerance for these horrid bigots. NYC didn’t blink on 9/11 and we won’t blink over these worthless thugs.

  1. Where is the New York police’s “Stop And Frisk” policy when ACTUAL criminals like these Proud Boy terrorists are committing their crimes? The whole scene might not have happened if the “Peace Officers” actually did their jobs properly.

      1. There’s a difference between stopping and searching someone who was just walking down the street and doing the same to someone youve observed committing a violent act, dummy.

  2. BOYS is the word. There isn’t a MAN in the bunch. Just nasty ugly worthless little boys who have no balls and no value and NEVER WILL.

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