The attorney Donald Trump Jr. hired after his name was brought into the Russia investigation has extensive mob ties, according to BuzzFeed News.

On Monday afternoon, Reuters broke the news that Trump Jr. hired Alan Futerfas to represent him following the news that he attended a meeting last year between top Trump campaign officials and a Russian attorney who promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. gave conflicting statements about the meeting in a 48-hour period, initially stating that the meeting was about adoptions before giving an additional statement that the meeting contained the possibility of helpful opposition research.

However, what’s even more interesting than the news that Trump Jr. has hired an attorney is the background of the attorney himself. A recent BuzzFeed News report describes Futerfas as a white-collar crime lawyer who “has long represented clients with alleged ties to organized crime, including alleged members of the Bonanno, Gambino, Genovese, and Colombo crime families.” The only major New York crime family Futerfas hasn’t represented is the Lucchese family.

Donald Trump Jr. is just the latest Trump to hire an attorney with a complicated list of prior clients. BuzzFeed reported in March that Marc Kasowitz, who represented the Trump Organization in business deals before moving to Washington to be President Trump’s personal attorney in the Russia investigation, was once hired by Russia’s biggest bank to represent their interests in a business dispute. The Russian government owns a majority stake in OJSC Sberbank, which was Kasowitz’s client in that particular case.

Futerfas is already dismissing the explosive claims made in Monday evening’s New York Times report. The story alleges that an email between Trump Jr. and publicist Rob Goldstone confirms that the opposition research on Clinton was obtained by the Russian government in a deliberate effort by the Kremlin to ensure Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

“In my view, this is much ado about nothing,” Futerfas wrote in an email to Times reporters. “During this busy period, Robert Goldstone contacted Don Jr. in an email and suggested that people had information concerning alleged wrongdoing by Democratic Party front-runner, Hillary Clinton, in her dealings with Russia.”


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