A disturbing video from a Kentucky high school shows three white officers kicking a black student, using their tasers, and threatening other students.

Intercept columnist Shaun King tweeted the video on Wednesday afternoon, which is purportedly from Jeffersontown High School just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. In the video, a student is seen face-down on the ground with three officers on top of him. One officer kicks the student in the abdomen multiple times. The student holding the phone and recording the incident is heard screaming at officers to stop while school officials attempt to disperse the crowd.

At the 0:14 second mark, one officer stands up and is seen pointing an object in a threatening manner at the students watching the arrest, although it isn’t known at this point whether or not the object is a taser or a firearm. At the 0:24 second mark, the student filming shouts “He’s tasing him!” as the student writhes on the floor and the crowd loudly reacts. Toward the end of the video, the student is seen with his head under an officer’s knee, reaching out for help as a school official puts his body between the students and the officers.

Neither the officers’ names, the student’s name, or the reason for the violent arrest are known as of this writing. Jeffersontown High School and the offices of Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio, and assistant superintendent Michelle Dillard were closed at the time Grit Post requested comment. It’s not clear whether or not the officers shown in the video are school safety officers or employees of the Jeffersontown Police Department.

This article will be updated with more information when details about the video are made available.


Scott Alden is a freelance contributor covering national politics, education, and environmental issues. He is a proud Toledo University graduate, and lives in the suburbs of Detroit.

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