Brett Kavanaugh proudly described to the Senate Judiciary Committee about how he’s kept a detailed calendar since he was a teenager. One entry may actually show the date of the party where the alleged sexual assault on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford took place.

During her testimony, Dr. Ford said that she was at a house party in the summer of 1982 with Brett Kavanaugh, his friend Mark Judge, and several other boys when Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her with Judge present in the room. One of the other boys Ford mentioned by name was Patrick James “PJ” Smyth. The only other girl at the party was Leland Ingham Keyser.

The other attendees say they had no recollection of the party (Kavanaugh incorrectly stated that they said it never happened). Ford says that makes sense, given that while she has a vivid memory of that night given her accusation of Brett Kavanaugh attacking her, the party was otherwise “unremarkable.”

“Leland would not remember this unremarkable party. It was not one of their more notorious parties, because nothing remarkable happened to them that evening,” Ford said.

Kavanaugh, in his opening statement, said his calendar proves that there couldn’t have possibly been a party like that on the weekend, saying he has a valid alibi for each of the weekends in question. However, HuffPost reporter Matt Fuller noticed that on July 1, 1982, Kavanaugh lists a Thursday night gathering in which “Judge” (presumably Mark Judge) and “PJ” (presumably PJ Smyth) were present. The calendar entry also mentions “skis,” which presumably means “brewskis,” or beers, since July is not ski season and Maryland is not known for its skiing attractions.

Of course, there’s no way for the Senate Judiciary Committee to fully determine whether or not there was in fact a party that night in which Kavanaugh, Judge, and Smyth were present without an independent FBI investigation interviewing all potential witnesses under oath. However, such an investigation would have to be authorized by President Trump, who has not signaled that any investigation will happen prior to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote.


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