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According to this month’s Gallup poll, A socialist economic system is more palatable with Americans than President Trump is.

One of America’s most historic and respected pollsters recently asked Americans about their approval of both President Trump and of an economy with socialist elements in two separate surveys conducted just a few days apart. A May 14 Gallup poll surveying voters on their approval of Donald Trump’s performance in the White House found that the 45th President of the United States has just 42% approval, compared to a 46% approval rating in an April Gallup poll.

And of course, Trump’s support depends heavily on the political leanings of respondents. Of that 42% approval, 90% of respondents who identified as Republican support the president, while only 33% of independents and just 9% of Democrats approved of Trump’s presidency. President Trump winning over just 42% of the public comes despite low unemployment numbers the president often brags about. Gallup suggested the president’s low approval rating may be due to Trump’s ongoing trade war with China, which Morgan Stanley recently said could lead to another recession.

And as Grit Post reported last week, a Gallup poll released three days later found that 43% of Americans say an economy with at least “some form of socialism” would be a good thing for the country. Gallup contrasted this poll with a 1942 poll conducted by Roper/Fortune that found just 25% of Americans thought some form of socialism would a good thing. Even though 51% of respondents in the May Gallup poll said socialism would be a bad thing for America, the vast shift in approval for socialism between the 1942 Roper/Fortune poll and Gallup’s recent survey suggests that support for socialism is trending upward. This could be due to Millennials and Zoomers leaning more toward socialism than Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers.

Support for socialism stretches all the way into the heartland, according to a March 2019 poll of likely Iowa Democratic caucus-goers, conducted by the Des Moines Register and CNN. In that poll, 56% of respondents said they would be satisfied with a candidate who wants the United States to be more socialist. 65% of those polled said they would be in favor of a candidate who supports the Green New Deal, and more than two-thirds of respondents said they would support a candidate who backs a proposal like Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Massachusetts) tax on net worths in excess of $50 million.


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