President Donald Trump did not participate in a Veterans Day ceremony in Arlington, Virginia where tradition is to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier — so the French U.S. Embassy continued the tradition instead.

Trump decided to tweet an attack on French President Emmanuel Macron for his remarks about nationalism during his visit to France last week, and to blame his non-visit to Arlington National Cemetery on rain sweeping through the area. Local forecasts predicted rain after 6 PM EST, which would’ve been well after the ceremony concluded.

In Trump’s tweets, he attacked Macron’s approval rating in France and the French President’s speech about nationalism not being the same as patriotism, by pointing out that nationalism is more prominent in France than in the United States.

Trump’s approval rating in France is 10 percent, which actually increased since last year.

He also sent out a tweet that seems eerily familiar to Trump supporters;

Trump recently returned from France where he was to honor the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I — however, the President once again cited inclement weather as a reason for not participating in a ceremony at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery where the Battle of Beleau Wood took place. Presidential aides said the rain prevented the Marine One helicopter from traveling safely to the site for the ceremony, and Trump tweeted that Secret Service advised him not to travel to the site.

That reasoning didn’t prevent the heavy criticism of Trump for his lack of participation with some critics tweeting photos and videos of former President Barack Obama standing in the rain during ceremonies on numerous occasions.

Trump didn’t travel to the site last year either, but visited Vietnam veterans while on a 12-day tour of Asia.


Brandon Howard is a contributor for GritPost and former public radio reporter based out of Lexington, Kentucky. Follow him on Twitter @mrpowerhoward.

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