Ever since Donald Trump’s inauguration, Fox News has been criticized as too friendly to the Trump administration. Now, that honeymoon may be over.

During Tuesday’s White House briefing with deputy administration spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Fox News reporter John Roberts left the room early. Sanders joked that Roberts was “bored,” pointing out his early departure to other reporters. Roberts fired back as he walked out, saying, “It if was on camera, I might not be.”

Following the exchange, he sent off a pair of angry tweets blasting the White House’s lack of transparency.

“To all who are musing over me leaving the @SHSanders45 Briefing…I have a live shot,” Roberts tweeted. “Had the brief been on camera, it would have been on TV, not me. I would have waited until it was over.”

Sanders’ testy exchange with Roberts — who is Fox News’ chief White House correspondent — may signal a more stern approach from Fox News in future coverage of the Trump administration. Starting in June, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced a ban on TV cameras for the daily White House briefing. Despite there being a long-standing tradition of Democratic and Republican administrations having on-camera daily briefings, President Trump’s administration has increasingly held the beltway media at arms’ length while disparaging various national media outlets as “fake” and “the enemy of the American people.”

Yet despite his constant attacks on major media outlets, President Trump has continuously heaped praise on Fox News for its flattering coverage of his administration. In regard to the ongoing investigation looking into his presidential campaign’s potential collusion with Russia, Trump said that Fox News “totally gets it” in their coverage of the investigation, despite the network rapidly losing ratings as it refrains from criticizing the Trump administration. In late June, Media Matters for America tracked the number of interviews Trump granted to each network, with Fox News (and Fox Business) getting a total of 11 interviews, while he only gave one interview each to ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, and the Christian Broadcasting Network (CNN got zero interviews with Trump).

Cameras have been banned at White House briefings for the entire month of July, with the last on-camera briefing taking place on June 29, according to The Hill.


Jordan Shaw is a New Jersey-based writer and commentator specializing in national and state government issues for Grit Post. When he’s not writing, you can find him volunteering in Camden, New Jersey, or hiking the Wissahickon Valley Park.

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