Clinton supporters

Hillary Clinton supporters are eagerly plotting to take down Bernie Sanders with fabricated stories of sexual assault that never happened.

In the wake of Senator Al Franken’s (D-Minnesota) sudden resignation after numerous Democratic senators called on him to step down, Twitter user Gabrielle Fane came up with a particularly nefarious idea: Get 8 people to invent stories about Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) inappropriately touching them and end his political career.

Clinton supporters
Screenshot of tweet from Gabrielle Fane’s Twitter account

Fane, whose account has since been set to private, notably has a donut emoji in her Twitter profile. Among online leftist communities, the donut emoji is a symbol used by Hillary Clinton supporters who intensely dislike the former Secretary of State’s 2016 presidential primary opponent. Its origin comes from Our Revolution’s Nina Turner being insulted by Democratic National Committee officials who handed her donuts and water over a barricade, rather than let her inside to deliver a petition.

Obviously, the suggestion that fake accounts of sexual assault involving the Vermont senator were met with a deluge of disdain. Fane responded to her original tweet by saying she was simply trying to cast doubt on Sen. Franken’s anonymous accusers.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think the things @SenFranken was accused of were the sexual assault and a few of the accusers were anonymous,” Fane wrote. “I know you Bernie’s like to think things have always been the same but 10ys ago things were different.”

One Twitter user pointed out that fabricating accusations — and irresponsibly accusing other women of lying — demeans actual sexual assault victims by casting doubt on the legitimacy of real experiences by propagating fake ones for political gain. Another Twitter account called for the platform to ban Fane for her suggested plot.

Fane’s would-be plot to defame Sen. Sanders harkens back to the hotly contested Democratic primary, in which Clinton’s supporters flooded popular pro-Sanders groups with child pornography and mass-reported other posts to trigger Facebook’s automatic protocol that shuts down any page or group until individual employees investigate reports of abuse and take further action.

Clinton supporters

As of this writing, no women have come forward to accuse Sen. Sanders of sexual misconduct. However, Sanders has called on President Trump to resign, given that 16 women have publicly accused the former reality TV host of groping, kissing, and fondling them without consent.


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