As cable media outlets cover Trump rally after Trump rally after Trump rally in the days leading up to Tuesday’s midterm election, only a paltry pittance of coverage has been spared for the massive crowds that have been flocking to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) in his 9-state campaign blitz.

Sanders has packed auditoriums, rural barns, and college campuses for nearly a month in his longest stretch of campaigning since the 2016 primary, many in the heart of Trump country. Sanders has been campaigning on behalf of Democratic candidates, particularly hoping to galvanize the young voters that turned out in droves for his campaign, which the Democratic establishment has struggled to energize.

Thousands have shown up to rallies featuring Sanders, with even more watching online. Sanders aides estimate that 5 to 6 million have tuned in each day of the tour.

Images from some of his stops can be found below.

Bernie stumps for Jacky Rosen in Nevada


Bernie stumps for candidates in Florida

Bernie draws thousands in California

Bernie Campaigns for Jared Polis in Colorado


Bernie stumps for Ben Jealous in Maryland

Bernie brings out big crowds for Arizona’s David Garcia

Bernie packs a Wisconsin room for Tammy Baldwin

Bernie campaigns for Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan

Bernie calls for Medicare for All in South Carolina

Sen. Sanders fills a field for Liz Watson in Indiana

Sanders brings it home in his home state of Vermont

Most mainstream media outlets have aired livestreams of most of President Trump’s rallies, along with endless dissections afterwards spanning an exhaustive array of articles covering everything from the usual fact-checks to Trump’s typically bizarre ad-libbed remarks. One CNN headline simply reads “Trump sticks to the script during Illinois rally.” This coverage comes despite reports of some Trump supporters even leaving his rallies early while he’s still speaking.

Meanwhile, media coverage of the rallies has been infrequent, with most articles about the tour focusing more on whether Sanders is planning to run for president again in 2020 than the overwhelming turnout. Sanders has maintained that his top priority for 2020 is supporting the Democratic candidate who has the best chance to oust President Trump, but he has not ruled out another run, and his decision to campaign in early primary states like Iowa and Nevada has raised eyebrows.

“The main issue that I’m trying to figure out, and I’m going around the country talking to people — is there support for a candidacy which is really prepared to take on the billionaire class?” Sanders said. “Can you do it? How do you do it? How do you get the resources to do it? How do you build the grassroots organization?”


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