A restaurant in Buffalo, New York recently asked a black customer to leave for violating a “no hoodie” policy that apparently only applies to black customers.

Actor Chris Jarell documented his experience last Friday at the Bada Bing Bar & Grill in Buffalo, New York on his account, while he was visiting the city to film a movie. According to Jarell, a security guard approached him and asked him to leave, calling a manager over to address him directly. When Jarell asked the manager why he had to leave, the manager informed him that he was wearing a hoodie, which the manager said was not allowed in the restaurant. Jarell documented the hypocrisy of the policy by posting a selfie inside of the restaurant that showed a white man in the background wearing a hoodie.

“I calmly brought it to the owners attention that other people are wearing hoodies. He said “fuck me” and told me not to come back,” Jarell wrote. “Mind you I’ve ate there like 4 times in 2 days veggie burger was lit. Customer service was TRASH!”

In a statement posted to the restaurant’s Instagram account, Bada Bing said it was aware of the incident and has “begun a full investigation” into Jarell’s account.

“We take these allegations very seriously and if proven, we will take all steps necessary to deal with the issue,” the restaurant said in the post, adding that it does not “condone racial or ethnic bias of any kind.” The restaurant did not include an apology to Jarell in its statement, or elaborate on its “no hoodie” policy.

statement regarding Friday’s incident

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