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Tom McInerney, a California-based former bundler for President Barack Obama, is no longer supporting the Biden campaign in 2020.

CNBC reported Friday that Tom McInerney — a San Francisco-based lawyer and tech company investor — is no longer financially supporting the Biden campaign, citing his position on the Hyde Amendment (government funding of abortions) and his comments lauding the relationships he had with white supremacist senators.

“I had actually let the campaign know I’d pulled back my support of Biden for now,” McInerney told CNBC. “I don’t think he did well last night.”

“I would imagine I’m not alone,” McInerney added, suggesting Biden may be about to lose other fundraisers as well.

Losing McInerney is a major blow to the Biden campaign, as the San Francisco financier was a major funder of President Obama’s initial 2008 campaign. Campaign finance records published by the Center for Responsive Politics show that McInerney helped the Obama/Biden campaign raise approximately $200,000 in that cycle. According to CNBC, McInerney pulling his support comes just as Biden is set to do a series of fundraisers in California’s Bay Area.

As Grit Post documented, Biden fell flat during Thursday night’s debate — particularly after Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) confronted him about his history of opposing busing. Biden seemed to have no answer for Harris when she asked him point-blank whether or not he was wrong to oppose busing in the 1970s, which Sen. Harris directly benefited from as a young girl attending a newly integrated public school in Berkeley, California at the time.

Following Thursday’s debate, Biden traveled to Chicago, Illinois to speak to the Rainbow Coalition and do damage control following his exchange with Harris. It’s still unknown whether or not Biden will have the fundraising edge until second quarter fundraising amounts become public in July.


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