“I’m about to send this kid to the fucking hospital,” a Baltimore cop said after violently arresting a mentally disabled thirteen year old boy. A different officer eventually called the boy an ambulance.

In a statement Wednesday, the Baltimore police mentioned referring the case to the Office of Professional Responsibility.

“This case is being reviewed by the Office of Professional Responsibility as we speak, and that would include the video clips taken by civilians and posted to social media, as well as the police officers body worn cameras, that we hope provide a more conclusive version of events from start to finish.

The boy, Deontay, and his eleven-year-old sister were searching for a lost cat when a neighbor saw them and thought they were attempting to break into a home. The neighbor called police, and the situation quickly turned brutal.

“If I see him again, I’m going to beat the shit out of him,” said the officer.

Baltimore police are no stranger to scandal, from their abuse of civil asset forfeiture to planting guns on murdered civilians. For years the city’s Gun Trace Task Force was at the pinnacle of this culture of corruption and plundered thousands of dollars in cash, drugs and jewelry from Baltimore citizens. Baltimore is now trying to avoid paying settlements for the Task Force’s actions.

In over twenty articles this month, the Baltimore Sun budgetary mismanagement, alleged misconduct and the uphill battle to hold officers accountable for their actions.

A sergeant was charged with driving under the influence. A detective was ordered to give up his gun over domestic abuse allegations, and had mismanaged a robbery investigation. An officer was charged with drug trafficking.

And now, a police officer decided to serve and protect Baltimore by threatening to hospitalize a disabled little boy.

“He told them, ‘Get on the ground.’ I said, ‘No, they ain’t getting on no ground,” said Deontay’s mother, Kimberly Townes. “She 11, and he’s 13. They not getting on the ground. So I told them, ‘Come on.’ When I said that, he grabbed my son, like close armed him, hit him down, tried to get the handcuffs on him, then he started closed-fisting my son.”

The police department described the two children looking for a lost cat as “clearly a very hectic and chaotic scene”. If anyone should know what a hectic and chaotic scene is, it would be someone who works for one of the most scandal-prone police departments in the nation.

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