(EDITOR’S NOTE, 4/18/19, 11:45 PM ET: This headline has been changed from “Attorney General Barr’s Redactions Equal Nearly a Third of Mueller’s 448-Page Report” to “Attorney General Barr Has Redactions on Nearly a Third of Mueller’s 448-Page Report,” after LA Times reporter Jon Schleuss clarified he intended to show that the redactions themselves were on a third of the report, rather than a third of the report’s total content.)

On Thursday morning, Attorney General William Barr released the 448-page Mueller report, though it was filled with redactions. There are redactions on roughly a third of the entire report.

The Los Angeles Times’ Jon Schleuss tweeted the paper’s photo of the redactions, zoomed out to show how much black ink covered up all 448 pages of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report. Schleuss said there was roughly one redacted word every three pages. Some pages of the report have no redactions, and in other parts of the report, entire pages are completely redacted, covered top to bottom in one single block of black ink.

The decision of whether or not to redact parts of the report was based on four criteria, according to the Times. Some parts of the report were withheld from the public because they involved Mueller’s ongoing grand jury investigation, some parts were redacted because they included classified information about U.S. and foreign intelligence operations, some redactions were due to privacy concerns of third parties not central to the Mueller investigation, and some of the redacted parts were out of concern for jeopardizing other ongoing investigations.

Still, the fact that some pages have been entirely blacked out raises questions about what information is contained in those pages, and whether or not anything that could potentially incriminate President Trump and/or his associates has been hidden from Congress and the public. It’s possible additional information could come to light if Mueller is compelled to testify before Congress, though no date has yet been set on when the special counsel would testify. House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-New York) is expected to give a news conference Thursday afternoon.

Click here to read the redacted version of the report.


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