A man driving a white van suddenly veered off the road and struck multiple people on a sidewalk in Toronto, Ontario Monday evening.

The Associated Press reported at 5 PM local time that the van’s driver is currently in police custody, though no motive has yet been identified for the attack. Toronto Police Chief Peter Yuen told reporters the investigation into the slaughter is ongoing. Canada’s public safety minister hasn’t said yet whether or not the killing of pedestrians was terrorism.

Toronto’s attack is similar in nature to a June 2017 attack in London, in which a 27-year-old man named Khuram Butt used a hired van to run into a group of people walking on the London Bridge before carrying out a knife attack in a violent killing spree that left seven dead and 48 injured. Following Butt’s attack, 47-year-old Darren Osborne drove a van into a crowd of people leaving a mosque, killing one and injuring nearly a dozen others. In November of last year, 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov — originally from Uzbekistan — killed multiple people on a New York City street with a truck.

Prior to the sudden attack on pedestrians, the van was seen near Yonge Street and Finch Ave West in Northern Toronto. By the time the carnage was over, the van was roughly a mile from where it started.

Map of Toronto attack (image by CNN)

Toronto mayor John Tory said he hopes the attack will bring his city closer together, and praised first responders for their swift arrival to the scene.

This is a developing story, and Grit Post will update this article as more information becomes publicly available.


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