This year will be the deadliest year on record for school shootings, according to a new study by Education Week that estimates 113 students, faculty, and staff were either injured or killed by mass shooters in classrooms.

To break things down even more, a total of 23 shootings have taken place inside of a school that resulted in either an injury or death so far in 2018. That amounts to approximately one shooting every eight school days. Of those 23 shootings, 35 people were killed, with 28 of those deceased being students while the other 7 were school faculty or other adults on the school’s premises.

Of those school shootings, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in Parkland, Florida claimed the most lives at 17, and Florida also has the dubious distinction of being the location of the most school shootings this year with four.

The shooting in Santa Fe, Texas had the second-most deaths in a school shooting with 10 fatalities.

The study also shows the majority of those who commit these shootings range around the age of 17 and are typically male.

Assistant Managing Editor of Education Week Lesli Maxwell says there are a few outliers that make 2018 different than the previous years. One of them being two mass shootings at public schools that contributed to 27 deaths, and the other being the call to action after these shootings by students who want to see change in gun laws by state and federal legislators.

“This year also stands out because of all the activism that followed Parkland, with students leading the charge,” Maxwell said.

Many of the these shootings have made worldwide headlines, but many of these shootings fly under the radar due to the lack of mass casualties, which is why many student activists are protesting and appealing to their local government for changes to those laws — all the while the other side of the debate on gun reform calls for more guns in the hands of trained school personnel in order to protect students and faculty who don’t possess a firearm.

The latest shooting taking place in a school was on Nov. 20 when a parent was wounded in the leg when a gun discharged accidentally in another parent’s pocket right before dismissal time at Simonsdale Elementary in Portsmouth, Virginia.


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