Wonder Woman

A graphic and disturbing anonymous account levies some serious accusations against Gal Gadot of the “Wonder Woman” blockbuster film.

Amidst a wave of Hollywood sexual assault and harassment scandals, Gadot made headlines for refusing to reprise the role if accused serial assailant Brett Ratner is out, as reported by Page Six. This got her praise from a former Wonder Woman as recently as Tuesday. But a new anonymous accusation in Medium casts suspicion on Gadot’s intentions.

The accusation involves events that took place in Milan, Italy thirteen years ago, where the victim shared an apartment and a very intimate and personal life with Gadot.

“Gal and I spent most of our free time together,” she wrote. “We shared food, clothes, and makeup. We went to the gym. We went shopping and tanning together. We went on photo shoots together. I made her a mix CD. I sang her to sleep. I watched her smoke constantly out of the window. We shared body insecurities, and she shared sex stories. She made sure to appear confident, knowledgeable, and successful — even then.”

The anonymous writer had replaced a fifteen-year-old Israeli girl as Gadot’s roommate. The young roommate was apparently returning to Israel following a sexual assault in Italy. Gadot promised the new roommate that following her advice and expertise in the modeling scene, that could be avoided.

Gadot proceeded to introduce her new roommate to a friend, “Ayala” (an alias) and that friend’s boyfriend, Yaniv. The four spent time together living a lavish lifestyle in the clubs of Milan, which the writer characterized as palatial. Gadot would also them get free meals by being treated by men who expected sex in exchange and intimidate them afterward.

“They complained and she chased them off with more threats. She would laugh about it later. She used sex as a weapon,” the accuser, “Ima Survivor,” wrote in the Medium post.

The writer recounted a time where she, Gadot, Ayala, and Yaniv stayed at the apartment the couple shared. At this point, the man proceeded to get the eighteen-year-old author drunk (the legal age for alcohol in Milan) and rape her while Gadot was serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Gadot was not supportive of her friend. She blamed the writer for what happened and the harm it would cause her rapist’s girlfriend. The writer accused the eventual “Wonder Woman” actor of holding her down by her shoulders in front of a computer in the apartment’s basement, forcing her to promise to write an apologetic email to Ayala.

“[Gadot] stood over me, intimidating and loud, blaming me for what happened. Her eyes were fire. I had already felt small and violated, but she shamed me into feeling obsolete,” she wrote. “After that, I feared Gal.”

The writer characterizes Gadot as a “predator,” who gained trust to later exploit it for an advantage. Gadot continually referred to the rape as the writer’s mistake, and left the writer having a panic attack years later just seeing her on the cover of Maxim.

“Gal Gadot put on a breastplate and became an icon for women,” she wrote. “When Gal Gadot says that she supports sexual assault survivors, do not believe it. Her actions speak louder than words.”

As of this reporting, Gadot has not responded to the accusation.


Katelyn Kivel is a journalist and political scientist in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Follow her on Twitter @KatelynKivel.


  1. She is a strong soldier and also emotionally tough.

    It wouldn’t be surprising if she couldn’t empathize with ordinary women.

    Not all women are created equal.

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