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A group of women confronted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) Monday morning about why he refuses to believe sexual assault survivors.

In a video circulating on Twitter, several women are seen following Sen. McConnell and his entourage at an airport asking about why he insists on confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite credible testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulting her.

“Do you want the Republican Party to become the party that is known for promoting rape and sexual assault?” One woman asked.

“How many stories of sexual violence do you need to hear in order to believe women?” Another asked.

Mitch McConnell didn’t say one word to the women confronting him, though he did shake the hand of a white man waiting in a line who offered it to him. One of the women confronted the Kentucky senator noticed that interaction.

“Senator McConnell, it’s really telling that you shook the hand of a man while a woman is trying to tell you her story,” she said.

Mitch McConnell recently said at the Value Voters’ Summit in Washington, DC that he would “plow right through” Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process despite the sexual assault allegation from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford coming to light.

“You’ve watched the fight. You’ve watched the tactics. But here’s what I want to tell you: In the very near future Judge Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court,” Sen. McConnell said in late September, several days after Dr. Ford made her allegation public. “Keep the faith. Don’t get rattled by all of this. We’re going to plow right through it and do our job.”

Last week, Dr. Ford testified under oath that she was “100 percent” certain that it was a drunken Kavanaugh who held her down at a beer-fueled high school party in the summer of 1982 and attempted to rape her while his friend Mark Judge stood by. Kavanaugh denied her allegation in his testimony, and the FBI is currently in the midst of a week-long investigation authorized by President Trump into the various sexual misconduct allegations that have come out in the last month. As of this writing, Sen. McConnell has not stated he would oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation. if the FBI found the allegations were true.


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