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A viral video making its rounds on social media shows a white man getting promptly knocked out after harassing a black man at a train station in Chicago.

While the video is only 45 seconds long and doesn’t show events that preceded the confrontation, a white man in a pink shirt is seen approaching a black man waiting for a train, gesticulating wildly, and saying, “what ‘chu gonna do with your fat flabby ass?” A Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) employee standing nearby, sensing the tension, is shown getting on her radio, while the black man calmly takes off his work shirt and his glasses before walking over to the white man.

While somewhat unintelligible, the last words the white man says before getting knocked to the ground seem to be directed at the CTA worker on her radio.

“Why every motherfucker out here fightin’ and you call the police on me?” The white man said.

After that exchange, the white man is seen falling to the ground. While a pole is partially obfuscating the camera’s view, it’s assumed the black man knocked him down, as he’s shown standing over the white man, punching him repeatedly. When the white man stands back up, the black man is shown knocking him down again so hard that he falls down to the train tracks.

“Call a motherfucker a n***a again,” the black man says, punching the white man. “Fuck wrong with you?”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The below video contains strong violence.)

The video is being shared widely, prompting many Twitter users to warn white people that being racist in public can bring about severe consequences.

“If you choose to be racist (because it is a learned behavior and a choice), and harass Black folks, understand that not everyone is going to simply tape you with their cellphones, and post it on social media,” Twitter user @LeftSentThis wrote. “Some people will physically defend themselves.”

Twitter user @theori, who posted the original video, pointed out that even though the white man got knocked onto the train tracks, the black man who hit him picked him up and moved him out of harm’s way.

“He got a compassionate fade,” @theori tweeted.

The tweet by @LeftSentThis accurately points out that usually, blatant racism directed at black people is typically posted to social media with the person being targeted simply standing still and playing nice. A recent example is the white man who was charged under the federal hate crimes statute for harassing someone in a shirt bearing the Puerto Rican flag. However, this is one of the rare instances in which the person being victimized fights back.

To our knowledge, no charges have been filed against the black man in the video as of this writing.


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