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President Trump likes to talk about draining the swamp. But it looks like the swamp might be trying to drain the Trump White House.

A sinkhole on the North Lawn of the White House was first noticed by Voice of America White House correspondent Steve Herman, who noticed it outside of the press briefing room. Herman observed that the sinkhole appears to be steadily growing in size.

The sinkhole, according to Herman’s tweets, is sectioned off by orange traffic cones and yellow caution tape to alert anyone on the lawn to stay away. However, if the sinkhole continues to grow, it could become a significant problem for groundskeepers, and perhaps President Trump himself depending on how deep the hole becomes.

As many have noted, Washington, DC is built on a literal swamp, and the porous ground can sometimes lead to sinkholes opening up. According to Quartz, a post-Ice Age condition known as “forebulge collapse” means that the entire city of Washington, DC could sink by as much as six inches this year. The area surrounding DC has been prone to massive sinkholes in the past, with one sinkhole in Baltimore, Maryland swallowing an entire street in 2014:

Commenters on the thread for Herman’s original sinkhole tweet couldn’t help but point out the metaphor of a sinkhole opening up on the lawn of President Donald “Drain the Swamp” Trump’s White House. Especially considering that the Trump White House is currently mired in corruption scandals, like EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s lavish taxpayer-funded condos, first-class flights, and overseas trips, and the more recent revelations about a Republican donor spearheading geopolitical events through political donations.

As of this moment, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has not addressed the White House’s plan — if there is one — to mitigate the sinkhole. This article will be updated in the event the sinkhole swallows the White House or anyone in the administration.


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