Veterans Day

The ongoing Florida recount includes many military ballots cast by servicemen and women overseas, but on Veterans Day, President Trump is urging for the results to be certified without counting all ballots — including those from military members.

In a tweet sent before 5 AM on Monday (Veterans Day), Trump said the recount should end and the incomplete results from Tuesday night (in which Trump supporters Ron DeSantis and Scott were the top vote-getters) be made official.

“An honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected,” Trump said, hinting at the possibility of voter fraud without any evidence. “Must go with Election Night!”

Of course, calling the election now would be premature, as there as still outstanding ballots to be counted in deep-blue Democratic strongholds like Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, and Broward County. The Tallahassee Democrat reported that Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) was trailing Rick Scott by roughly 13,000 votes out of more than 8.2 million ballots, and Democrat Andrew Gillum (who withdrew his concession) is trailing Ron DeSantis by just 34,000 votes.

And with a full recount underway, many of the votes that could make the crucial difference could come from thousands of military ballots still outstanding. As The Washington Post’s Adam Weinstein wrote on Monday, the right of men and women serving in the military overseas was a hard-fought franchise, and Florida actually has the highest number of military voters than any other state in the union.

He suggested that the President of the United States urging for the election to be called without military ballots being counted on Election Day is not a great look — especially on Veterans Day — with many ballots possibly not coming in the mail until the end of the week:

“[Florida] is one of the friendliest states of the union when it comes to accommodating overseas and military voters: It requires ballots to be sent to deployed service members at least 45 days before Election Day, and it counts those votes as long as they’re postmarked by Election Day and received in the voter’s home county within 10 days of the election — in this case, Nov. 16.”

The recount isn’t just facing obstacles from President Trump — in fact, Rick Scott, who is planning to finish his second term as governor as a U.S. Senator, is suggesting that election officials in heavily Democratic counties of Broward and Palm Beach should be investigated for fraudulent activity, hinting that they may have attempted to over-count Democratic votes despite there being no evidence.

In fact, the fraudulent activity that may be taking place is from Republican Secretary of State Ken Detzner. As Grit Post previously reported, thousands of Florida ballots are being rejected due to arduous signature match requirements — including one ballot cast by former Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy.


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