Wealthy residents of the Hamptons writing big checks to President Trump’s re-election campaign know that what they’re doing is unpopular.

That’s according to anonymous Trump donors who confided to The New York Post that they want their financial support of Trump to remain a secret, out of fear of reprisal from other Hamptons residents who are staunch Democrats.

“We are all in the closet,” a boutique owner said of his support for the president who is currently seeking to undo protections for endangered wildlife. “It’s like you have this disease and people want to run away from you.”

“We live in the land of the First Amendment, but, if you want to stay in business out here, you have to keep your opinions to yourself,” an art consultant said of his support for the president who recently retweeted a conspiracy theory about the Clintons murdering Jeffrey Epstein. “We are hitting a very dark and strange place as a country.”

The wealthy residents of the Long Island, New York community have reason to support President Trump if only for their desire to protect the tax cuts that almost exclusively benefited them alone. According to Bloomberg, the tax levied on inherited wealth is now even easier to avoid, and America’s wealthiest families “are already using the new limits to create dynasty trusts for generations of their descendants.”

Anonymous Trump donors in the Hamptons likely want to remain that way, simply due to the fact that Soulcycle owner Stephen Ross is now facing boycotts of his product due to his recent decision to host a fundraiser for Trump. Ross’ August 9 fundraiser charged guests between $100,000 to $250,000 per ticket. That fundraiser comes just weeks after President Trump and the Republican National Committee announced a record-breaking fundraising haul of $108 million for Trump’s re-election war chest.

“If you want to stay in business, you have to learn to lie to people,” the Southampton boutique owner said. “You have to say stuff like, ‘I hate his hairdo.’ I’m just struggling to make the bottom line here. Honestly, I am not rich enough to have a political opinion.”

(Featured image: U.S. Army Sgt. Kalie Jones/Public Domain)


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