The Trump Administration makes the Onion’s job harder, said their Editor-in-Chief Chad Nackers. Reality sounds more like satire every day.

Case in point: Donald Trump autographed photos of murder victims.

Trump was meeting with ‘angel families‘ – the overly saccharine term the President uses for families of victims of crime perpetrated by undocumented immigrants – and signed photos of their deceased family members.

“Obama and others had the same pictures, and did nothing about it!” Trump said. So he signed the pictures.

Obama did not, to our knowledge, autograph photos of murder victims. So on this point, Trump has in fact done something Obama did not do in regards to immigration.

But the argument surrounding angel families isn’t just about how crass and tacky Trump treats his political props, it’s about how he hopes sympathy translates to support. Angel Moms are clearly Trump’s version of Mothers of the Movement, the mothers of black people killed by police violence.

But Angel Moms misses a central strength of Mothers of the Movement, argues Slate. “All grief-stricken parents should move us personally, but they only move us politically to the extent that their pain connects to a broader cause.”

While Mothers of the Movement’s children were victims of a political reality they sought to change, Angel Moms’ children were victims of random violence that coincidentally and tangentially were related.

But, Trump thinks one of the ‘Angel victims’ looks like a handsome Tom Selleck. So they have that going for them.

Trump’s parade of Angel Families come after a week of protest action surrounding his policy of separating children from mothers at the border. Those mothers have not been given a snappy title by the President or the media.

Trump did walk that policy back, but in doing so did not reunite families already split. They didn’t even get photos of their children insultingly signed by the President and compared to mustachioed actors.

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