The ongoing and escalating feud between 45* and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell now has a whole new level of clarity.

On Tuesday evening, the New York Times revealed the details of an August 9 phone call between 45 and Sen. McConnell (R-Kentucky), in which the president accused the Senate’s top Republican of not doing enough to protect him from former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into 45 and his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. While the Times didn’t explicitly say who gave the paper the details of the call, they did allude to “Republicans briefed on the conversation,” implying that McConnell is rallying members of the Senate Republican caucus to his side.

After the Times‘ story, 45’s tweets on August 9 and 10 disparaging McConnell for failing to accomplish repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and telling him to “get back to work” make a lot more sense.

Of course, McConnell, who is struggling in his home state with an astonishingly low approval rating of 18 percent, isn’t taking the president’s insults on the chin. Sen. McConnell found an interesting ay to fire back at the White House, telling the Louisville, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce that “most news is not fake.” The Senate Majority Leader also told the group that he reads sources besieged by the executive branch, including the New York Times, saying that he reads a variety of sources and tries “not to fall in love with any particular source.”

Congress is slated to return to the Capitol on September 5 to tackle tax reform legislation. While no particular bills have yet been endorsed by the administration, it’s safe to assume that Republicans will attempt to pass a major corporate tax cut known as “repatriation,” while also eyeing cuts to popular middle class-focused tax breaks like the home mortgage interest deduction.

(*EDITOR’S NOTE: is now exclusively referring to Donald Trump as “45.” Please read our official statement on Twitter explaining the decision.)


Jordan Shaw is a New Jersey-based writer and commentator specializing in national and state government issues for Grit Post. When he’s not writing, you can find him volunteering in Camden, New Jersey, or hiking the Wissahickon Valley Park.

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