(EDITOR’S NOTE, 8/14/19, 10:23 AM: A previous version of this story stated that Nolan was “chair of the Trump campaign in Kentucky,” when he was actually the chair of the campaign’s efforts in Campbell County, Kentucky. We’ve updated the story to clarify that fact.)

One of President Trump’s loudest supporters will likely spend the rest of his life in jail after the conclusion of his child sex trafficking case.

71-year-old Timothy Nolan — a former Campbell County District Judge who was chair of the Trump campaign in Campbell County, Kentucky according to court documents —  entered guilty pleas on all 21 counts against him in court on Friday. A press release issued by the office of Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear listed a multitude of charges, including human trafficking of adults, human trafficking of minors, and unlawful transaction with minors.

Nolan will serve 20 years in jail and pay restitution of $110,000, with a bulk of the fine going toward the Human Trafficking Victims Fund, which the Kentucky General Assembly established in 2013. Nolan will be eligible for parole in 2022, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. If he had not entered guilty pleas, Nolan would have faced up to 100 years in prison.

The New York Daily News reported that Nolan had a total of 19 victims dating back to 2004. While the victims’ information has not been publicly released, some of them included children below the age of 18. Judge Kathleen Lape said Nolan threatened arrest and eviction to force women and girls to have sex with him. Nolan also apparently paid the women and juveniles with heroin and painkillers, and gave alcohol to a minor on more than one occasion.

In a statement following the pleas, Nolan’s attorney, Margo Grubbs, argued that what Nolan did would have been seen as legally acceptable under the laws of a different day and age.

“[Nolan] took full personal responsibility for these acts that in his potential day and generation would not necessarily be considered to rise to the level of human trafficking,” Grubbs said.

Some of Nolan’s pleas were Alford v. North Carolina pleas, meaning that the plea was given to avoid trial due to overwhelming evidence, but that Nolan still maintains his innocence.


Jake Shepherd is a freelance writer from Cleveland, Ohio. He enjoys poring through financial disclosure statements, spirited debate, and good scotch. He remains eternally optimistic about the Browns. Email him at jake.d.shepherd.21 (at) hotmail (dot) com.


    1. All of Trump’s ‘friends’ seem to have personal problems with social issues…just like he does. And to have them fired, convicted and sent to prison, become proven liars….this is one president you DO NOT WANT as a friend, as it will drag you down into the gutter.

      1. Most people knew what a pile of manure Trump was before they voted for him. Most who voted for him were Republicans.

      2. Trumps ego will take him down eventually . Just like it did Saddam Hussein, Hitler and other dictators. When these guys think they know it all they make huge mistakes because people lie around them because they do not want to be fired or kill so they tell the leader what they want to hear. A perfect example is Saddam Hussein was told that the Iraqi Army had held off American forces at the boarder when I’m fact we were about 20 miles from Baghdad. He barely got out.

  1. Yes in a different day and age, he might’ve been stoned to death. Attorneys should never say dumb things in public. This man is a heinous offender and if he ever gets past a parole board….. I’m sure there are people that would like to see him again.

    1. This puke has been infecting the political landscape of Northern Kentucky for decades. He was put n his position in Trump’s campaign because of his local power and influence and probably never met Trump or you would see their picture together. Trying to tie this piece of excrement to Trump is ridiculous and this type of childish hysteria one of the reasons Trump is your President.

      1. however this article does have relevance as trump is just as depraved and almost certainly guilty of rape and sexual assaulting possibly hundreds of women in his lifetime…

        1. …. and underage as well. The woman testified she was 13 at the time Trump assaulted her… but then was silenced and faded from view behind threats and pay offs.

      2. Technically, he is in that position but I will never accept him as my president. And don’t try to avoid the fact that this scum was tied to 45. Anyone who supports 45 and campaigned for him is as complicit in the theft and degradation of our country as those who supported the Nazi regime. Mark my words, there are too many parallels to deny. The only difference is that Hitler was at least literate and clever. Hopefully, the lack of a sharp mind in 45 will help bring about his own downfall sooner, before he can do more damage.

        1. Actually Hitler was niether smart or clever some of his generals were. Hitler lost WW2 because of his over inflated idea of himself costing many battles. He rarely listened to those who didnt agree or kiss his ass. Like someone we all know today.

      3. violetbird’s response was perfectly appropriate in saying “In Trumps Camp” The man campaigned for Trump, was even the chair of the Trump campaign in Kentucky, was one of his most vocal supporters, and you can bet he voted for him. So why are you criticising someone for pointing out the obvious, which is he is in the Trump camp?

        1. Camp Definition:
          the supporters of a particular party or doctrine regarded collectively.
          “his views were firmly rooted in the conservative camp”
          synonyms: faction, wing, group, lobby, caucus, bloc, party, coterie, sect, cabal
          “the liberal and conservative camps”

      4. Are you serious? Trump is a child molester himself! Most Every person knew this before he was elected. He has no morals and yet scum bags like those good old white boys who are elected alwsyscover each other’s tracks when it come to the most henious crimes like these. Yet, hypocrites, as well as criminals themselves to place a young black an brown people in prison for marijuana for an elongated period of time. Trump does not have a innocent friend who can actually step forward without a scandalous background. So many children and adults are confused and hurting for life behind scumbags like Trump’s friend. Trump is a scandalous manipulating cheat and can allow an lie to roll off his lips in a heartbeat! Please!!!

      5. No the only reason trump is your president is because hillary screwed up!
        She wasn’t paying attention and the electoral college took it from her. All trump did was con a bunch of people who were feeling ignored into thinking he cared about them….that’s it!

        1. Actually, Hillary DIDN’T screw up…like Trump said BEFORE the election, “This election is RIGGED”. He KNEW that the EC was rigged IN HIS FAVOR by Ruskies. In a different time, they would have been nuked!!!

      6. How you so-called “conservatives” (who CONSERVE NOTHING) delude yourselves! Trying to tie Trump to HIS STATE CAMPAIGN CHAIR is “ridiculous”??? Really? His state campaign chair? And this is a reason y’all voted for him? You deserve him. The problem is, the REST of us don’t!!

      1. Clinton’s relationship with Lewinsky was consensual and even though in the end, she did not want it and there was a power imbalance, Monica initiated it. That is a FAR cry from pedophilia and sex trafficking.

        1. Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton were associated with Jeffrey Epstein, a tracker of teenage girls. Look it up.

      2. I get that clinton was definitely loose with his penis… you have proof that he was into sex trafficking?? if so please, these days you must, if you are going to lump clinton with this guy, provide a link…and if you do I wouldn’t be surprised that clinton turned out to be a predator…

          1. Read the newspaper much? Not Breibart. Watch the news much? Not Fox! There is VOLUMINOUS evidence pointing towards countless criminal acts and Federal crimes starting with
            1. Obstruction of Justice (at least 3 counts, if not more). Since when do you get to fire the head of the FBI because he refuses to end the investigation in to YOU!??
            2. Money Laundering. Why the hell do you think Trumpocalypse didn’t release his income taxes??? He’s been laundering money in offshore accounts and Russia for years. That’s a FEDERAL crime.
            3. Treason and Intefering with an Election. Voluminous evidence pointing towards his connection with the Russians and Putin during and after the Presidential election. Have you read the Steele Dossier??? My guess is no. Also, why the hell did he invite all these known Russian operatives and spies to the White House immediately following the election?? He had them in the Oval Office!! There are photos!
            I’m just getting going here.
            Boy, you really are naive. Time for you to wake up before it’s too late.

          2. The proof ie everywhere……but you have to be paying attention….he has no respect for rules, law or you.
            It can’t be up to us to educate you about what’s happening it the world, there are no excuses for being and staying ignorant. So open your eyes and pay attention….stop being a stooge for him.
            Have more respect for yourself than that.

          3. Heather, surely you jest. Trump has multiple cases against him by women he has abused, initiated sexual contact with. He is a scumbag.

          4. That’s easy Heather: April 26, 2016 US District Court Central District of California
            ED CV16-00797 Katie Johnson vs. Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein

            Complaint for claim relief due to:
            1. Sexual abuse under threat or harm
            2. Conspiracy to deprive civil rights

            Try doing research before defending the orange maggot

      3. I must have missed this piece of info. I did not realize that Clinton had drugged underage girls to coerce them to have sex with him. I always thought that Clinton dealt with consenting adults. Clinton also does not look like the troll who lives under the bridge like this vile motherfucker.

      4. Didn’t your Momma tell you that ‘because s/he is doing something’ is no excuse for anyone else to do something known to be wrong? It is no excuse for evil action to bring up someone else who may or may not have done the same thing. Doing GOOD is your responsibility. . . my responsibility. . . the president’s responsibility. And if any one of us does not live within decency and civility and keeping the laws of our nation, that person is liable for criticism, reproof, and whatever legal action may be necessary.

      1. Has someone to be killed for this scum to be convicted of criminal acts? Yes, someone was killed – their spirits have been harmed, their youth killed.

      2. Ken Jameson you said was anyone killed? Yes, the unborn children from his actions aborted. The lives ruined they never knew who their dad was. Little girls being forced to take birth control.

    2. Bill Clinton partied with a convicted abuser, Epstein, on his Lolita Express and partied with him at his orgy island. Hillary also flew on the Lolita Express. Yes, pedophilia is more widespread than thought and is a bi-partisan issue.

    3. Better yet, how many in the Clinton camp ? Bill flew many times to his friend home for weekend child sex from all accounts, his friend went to prison for child trafficking. Believe me, these morons have zero to do with Trump, and to insinuate it, makes any that do a moron. These woman abusers, child abusers, and scumbags are in all parties, and democrats have just as many, it seems like a democrat a day gets put away lately. I’d like to see the list of the people in congress and the senate that we paid 17 million of our tax dollars for to keep there sex abuse allegations hidden.

      1. There is no defending their actions, regardless of their political party affiliations. They are the lowest of slime-guppies in the swamp of politics or business, or where ever!

      1. You are just posting BS and propaganda now. What Clinton camp? Neither Clinton is in office or running for any political office. Where is this camp?

  2. Birds of a feather stick together – that’s why he backed 45.
    I hope there will be a review of all his cases and questioning on sentences be gave to pedophiles, women and young women for prostitution’s and self defense against rapist, and domestic violence cases.
    He probably protected other pedophiles and rapists he knew.

    1. Yes his entire career should be scrutinized in every case reopened Andre adjudicated he is nothing but the scum of the earth and with a 20-year sentence because he pled guilty with Prejudice, in other words he still didn’t admit guilt. For him to be eligible for parole in two years is a sin upon the judicial system, it is a sin upon humanity and best of all I hope they turn him loose in gen pop then we won’t have to worry about his stupid pedofile ass.

    1. Because he is a VIP; ordinary Americans will spend the 20 years without the option of parole ! That is the world we live in . All humans are equal, but some are more equal than others………..Animal farm

    2. Probably because he’s old, fat and white. He’s a liability in the prison labor system. He can’t produce as much as young black men. 🙂

  3. no parole he stay;s in jail for 20 years and it should be more how about 60 year or life. This man should not walk on the street at all.

  4. When all’s said and done — after all 21 counts against him — the 71 year old who championed Kentucky’s Trump: Make America Great Again financial campaign will spend the “rest of his life in jail ….”

    The rest of his life will probably be 6mos to a year … if that.

  5. Using “Trump”, or for that matter “Clinton”, for these monster’s excuse, is the call to pass out the red pills. People fail to realize its on both sides of the aisle. [Q]uestion is, who will be the one to take them all down? Forget the rope, bring out the stakes! Shocking days are here…wake up!

  6. Eligible for parole in four years. Unbelievable. That’s the kind of injustice that money can buy, and you can bet your ass he’ll get paroled and go right back to doing what comes naturally – objectifying women and girls for his own fat-assed, horrendously ugly gratification. And why doesn’t it surprise me that Mitch McConnell is in the picture with him? Scum attracts scum I guess, but this picture is proof that butt-ugly attracts butt-ugly. I’m going to think positively about someone offing him while he’s serving those measly four years.

  7. Manipulation,… they will have him out before… because of high blood presure…. WHY does he get a 20 year sentence, BUT eligible for parole in 4???

  8. 20 years, eligible in 4 with a fine of $110,000. Are you kidding me?!?! This proves 1, there is something seriously wrong with our system and 2, it wouldn’t ended the same way if the scum would have been either black or an immigrant. Stone the swamp scum!

  9. Not quite sure why the title lead with President Trump’s name. This has nothing to do with Trump, just like Anthony Weiner had nothing to do with Obama or Clinton. Well, Obama, anyway, his computer STILL had several emails from Hillary on it….

  10. I’m just waiting for the skeletons in McConnell, Ryan and Sessions pasts to come out because it’s almost certain they have some dirty little secrets too. I still think everyone trump padded his circle with all have something dirty they are hiding and trump knows their secrets. That’s why they are kissing his ass the way they are, because they are afraid to have their secrets exposed. I bet Paul Ryan is a closet homosexual with a shady past, Sessions is another sneaky little bastard and McConnell has something really big to hide. Pence is just a tool and too stupid to realize that he is being used to be the fall guy if trump goes down, he will be thrown under the bus first.

  11. Pence is not stupid. He has positioned himself perfectly to become prez, when it would’ve been unlikely otherwise. Especially if his gamble pays off and DT is impeached. ( which I don’t really think will happen).

  12. sell Margo Grubbs to the lowest bidder!!!!!!
    “In a statement following the pleas, Nolan’s attorney, Margo Grubbs, argued that what Nolan did would have been seen as legally acceptable under the laws of a different day and age.”

  13. Actually, Tim Nolan is a particularly brutal man and was holding underage girls prisoners, using violence and threats to get them to have sex. If he had been black or even poor white trash? Several life sentences. His sentence? 20 years but he is eligible for parole in 4 and will absolutely get it in less than 4 according to those close to the case. And his prison? Why one of those luxurious country club federal pens reserved for the connected and wealthy white collar criminals who are so vile and criminal they HAVE to go away but no authorities really want them to go to prison. Oh, BTW, some of the girls he abused (he’s been doing it for over 20 years) have committed suicide. Another one of Trump’s “very fine people”.
    He’s half a step away from being a serial killer if he isn’t already. I’d check his backyard, near the place he kept some of the girls locked up.

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