Pete Souza, who was former President Barack Obama’s official White House photographer, just trolled President Trump in the classiest way possible.

During his speech to 40,000 Boy Scouts at the annual Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Jamboree, President Trump gloated about his 2016 Electoral College victory over Hillary Clinton, and at one point, chided his predecessor for never addressing the event (even though Obama gave a video message to the 2010 Jamboree).

“By the way, just a question: Did President Obama ever come to a jamboree?” Trump said, as the crowd booed at the mention of Obama’s name. “The answer is no. But we’ll be back.”

As has become his usual custom, Souza used a photo from the Obama administration to respond to Trump’s speech at the BSA Jamboree.

“I can assure you, POTUS was not telling this Cub Scout and the Boy Scouts who followed about his electoral college victory,” Souza wrote on his Instagram, posting a photo of Obama shaking the hand of a young Cub Scout in the White House.

President Trump is pushing hard for his repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which the Senate is expected to vote on tomorrow. Millions of children — likely including some of those 40,000 Boy Scouts — would stand to lose their health coverage if the repeal of Obamacare becomes law, along with the controversial Trump budget that would slash billions from public healthcare services like the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which covers 8.9 million children.


Matthew P. Robbins is an economics reporter for Grit Post covering wages, budgets, and taxes. He lives in Chicago, Illinois with his husband and two cats. 

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