Jeffrey Whitman, owner of Uriah’s Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration in Columbus, Ohio, was recently caught on camera verbally abusing a black man and hurling racial slurs at him, after following him all the way to his home.

In a video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, Whitman is seen in his company vehicle, with his state contractor’s license showing on the driver’s side door, saying that he followed the man to his house just to “tell you what a n***er you are.”

Whitman was irate with the man filming him because, according to Whitman, the man cut him off in traffic. However, the man filming him informed Whitman that he was in a turning-only lane and attempted to go straight, and that instead of getting preemptively cut off, he should try reading street signs a little more carefully.

“You feel entitled,” Whitman started saying when the man told him about the street signs in his neighborhood.

“How am I entitled? You feel entitled because I’m black,” the man responded. “I work for everything I’ve got.”

“You do? You got a job?” Whitman said, apparently surprised.

“You see that car right there? You think I got it for free?”

“You paid for that?” Whitman said incredulously.

After that exchange, Whitman pivoted back to his original argument that the man was being “rude” to him, apparently unaware of how rude it is to follow a black man to his house and hurl racial slurs at him.

“Your rudeness is unacceptable,” Whitman said unironically.

The man repeatedly tried to get Whitman to drive away.

“You have a good say, sir. You be blessed,” the man filming is heard saying behind his phone.

Intercept columnist Shaun King, who posted the original video of Whitman berating the black driver, also urged his followers to google Uriah’s Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration, and leave reviews of his company online. He also asked his followers to provide him the proper information for the State of Ohio to hold him accountable as an Ohio contractor.

“These [people] are so confident in their bigotry that they don’t even flinch even when they are on camera. So we must shame them ourselves,” King tweeted.

As of this writing, Grit Post’s request to the Ohio Division of Industrial Compliance — which grants state contractor licenses — asking about details of Whitman’s contracts have not been returned.

Watch the full video of the exchange below:


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