The security team white supremacist Richard Spencer hired for his University of Florida speech has been exposed planning multiple domestic terror attacks.

Livestreaming journalist collective Unicorn Riot obtained disturbing messages from the private chat server for Anticom (Anti-Communist Action), which casts itself as the right wing’s answer to Antifa (Anti-Fascist Action). The group’s chat, which is hosted on the Discord app, initially shows an automated message from “Pence Bot” saying that Spencer had contacted them to provide security at his UF speech on Thursday, October 19. The message, which was dated September 14, was part of a cache of chat messages leaked to Unicorn Riot dating between February and September of 2017.

Richard Spencer

However, one particularly macabre thread between Anticom members showed one member calling themselves “webdevanon” telling others to watch an ISIS propaganda video showing terrorists how to make a bomb in a household kitchen, stuff it into a backpack, then dress up in all black (“black block”), stand among Antifa activists, and proceed to detonate the device “Boston bomber style.”

Richard Spencer

In another thread, which was early on in the server’s existence, a user named “Odalist Refrain” (Odalists adhere to the “blood and soil” mantra that calls for ethnic cleansing in Europe) called for others in the group to assist them in bombing “a major federal building with explosive torch powder made in my house,” and advocating for other white nationalists to “drive the desert invaders out.”

Richard Spencer

Additionally, the group uses the chat to organize targeted persecutions of LGBT safe spaces, with one user claiming to have shut down “the local gay club” for various building code violations. Other users made repeated references to former Chilean dictator Augosto Pinochet and “helicopter rides.” Pinochet was known for throwing leftist political opponents out of helicopters after they were brutally tortured. One proposed logo design for Anticom showed a body falling out of a helicopter.

Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer

Spencer’s speech is expected to draw out thousands of counter-protesters, and Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency ahead of the event, meaning police will have the blessing of the state in taking extra preventative measures to decrease the chance of violence between attendees and counter-protesters. UF President Ken Fuchs called the $600,000 security bill — paid for by the university due to a Supreme Court decision saying speakers shouldn’t be liable for security costs — “unfair,” saying his school was being put in the position of “subsidizing hate speech.”

Unicorn Riot volunteers made a searchable database of chat logs from the Anticom discord server. You can browse it by clicking here.


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  1. It’s not just his objectives that cause me to say what I’m about to say but it’s his aura. That man has such bad karma coming his way, I almost feel sorry for him.

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