Michael Cohen — who once pledged to take a bullet for President Trump — fears the worst if Trump is voted out of office, saying he won’t surrender power quietly.

Cohen made the statement in his closing remarks before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, after a seven-hour session with lawmakers before he reports to prison later this spring.

“My loyalty to Mr. Trump has cost me everything — my family’s happiness, friendships, my law license, my company, my livelihood, my honor, my reputation, and soon, my freedom. And I will not sit back, say nothing, and allow him to do the same to the country,” Cohen said.

“Given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear if he loses the election in 2020, that there will never be a peaceful transition of power,” he continued, going on to criticize his former boss for separating immigrant families, shutting down the government, and insulting Gold Star families. “This behavior is churlish, it denigrates the office of the president, and it’s simply un-American.”

Earlier in the hearing, while being questioned by Rep. Brenda Lawrence, Cohen remarked on the constant state of fear he lived in, saying President Trump used the power of his Twitter account — which has nearly 59 million followers as of this writing — to sic his base on him.

“What do you think he can do to you?” Lawrence asked.

“A lot. And it’s not just him. It’s those people that follow him and his rhetoric,” Cohen said. “I don’t walk with my wife if we go to a restaurant or we go somewhere. I don’t walk with my children. I make them go before me. Because I have fear.”

While it’s obviously not known whether or not Trump will lose re-election until November 3, 2020, Cohen may be right in that a peaceful transfer of power may not occur if he loses, given the rhetoric of Trump’s acolytes. As Grit Post previously reported, attorney Joseph DiGenova — whom President Trump once considered for the role currently occupied by Rudy Giuliani — recently suggested that America is in the midst of a “civil war.”

“It’s going to be total war. And as I say to my friends, I do two things: I vote and I buy guns,” DiGenova said.


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