(EDITOR’S NOTE, 10/17/18, 12:30 PM ET: Lucy Whisk, author of the blog post exposing Louisville Proud Boys members, told Grit Post that Duncan Smith, aka Duncan Grant, “is not affiliated with the KKK that we are aware of.”

“[Smith] was at the rally in Madison claiming to protest them but obviously attempting to do intel work on protestors,” Whisk told Grit Post. “He argued extensively with multiple people in the crowd but never really clarified why he supposedly left the [Proud Boys].”)

Following the doxxing of Proud Boys in New York who were seen on video attacking protesters, activists in Louisville, Kentucky are also exposing their neighborhood racists.

On Monday, the Twitter account @LouisvilleARA (Louisville anti-racist action) called attention to a recent Medium post by Lucy Whisk, which listed the names of the Proud Boys community in the Louisville metro area. The post is ostensibly meant to deter the local Proud Boys from a planned rally at neighborhood bar Molly Malone’s, in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood. According to the event posting, the rally is being held in conjunction with the Three Percenters militia group.

Whisk wrote that the outing of the local Proud Boys is also in retaliation to the group’s recent assault on members of the Louisville chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), in which both DSA members and employees of the Silver Dollar restaurant were pepper-sprayed. One DSA member told independent media outlet Unicorn Riot that police conducted no arrests despite the assault.

The blog post itself names 14 members of the Proud Boys network in Louisville and the surrounding areas, and lists multiple photos of each member using images posted to their respective social media accounts. In addition to outing their legal names, Lucy Whisk also listed their workplaces, along with hyperlinks to their employers’ websites and social media.

One Louisville Proud Boy, Cody Dennison, is presumably a federal employee, with Whisk saying he works for the National Parks Service. Another member, Duncan Smith (aka Duncan Grant), was allegedly present at a recent Klan rally in Madison, Indiana in September. Whisk told Grit Post he was conducting intelligence on counter-protesters at that rally.

The Proud Boys –founded by VICE media co-founder Gavin McInnes in 2016 — are classified as an extremist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Members are encouraged to get a tattoo displaying their Proud Boys affiliation, and “4th degree” membership is obtained by engaging in street violence with leftist protesters, according to the SPLC. The NYPD is expected to arrest nine members of the organization following a Friday night street brawl in New York.

The manager of Molly Malone’s Baxter Ave. location declined to comment, referring Grit Post to the establishment’s owner. This article will be updated in the event of a response.


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