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The Washington Post revealed that Brett Kavanaugh’s “Marriage and Sex” teacher at Georgetown Preparatory School once did a stint in jail for distributing child pornography.

In a feature article about Kavanaugh’s friend, Mark Judge, that the Post published Friday evening, the paper went into great detail delving into Judge’s writings on the drinking and carousing that was routine at Georgetown Prep in the early 1980s. The Post wrote that sometimes, students at the all-boys school would share their stories of wild parties and hookups with their marriage and sex teacher, Bernie Ward, in the classroom.

Ward, according to the Post, later became a talk show host in San Francisco (his program was called “God Talk”) and ended up doing a six-year jail sentence for child pornography.

“[Students] talked plenty about men and women and taking advantage and respect for each other. They took umbrage when I compared their rooting around with girls to dogs in heat. They’d say they were in love, and I’d say, ‘Wait a minute — then how come you have another girlfriend in two weeks?’ We’d have heated arguments,” Ward told the Post.

“The drinking was unbelievable,” Ward said. “It was part of the culture. A parent even bought the keg and threw one of the parties for the kids.”

ABC 7 San Francisco reported in 2008 that Michael Pritchard, one of Ward’s colleagues, turned him in after Ward admitted to him that he had sent child pornography to a woman in Oakdale, California. The FBI raided his home three months afterward.

“Pornography is worse than death to a child. It kills the spirit and when a child is abused like that, we need as a community to step up and if you’re doing this stuff, turn yourself in,” Pritchard said at the time. “Do yourself and our community a favor, turn yourself in and get straight.”

Mark Judge was, according to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, in the same room with her and Kavanaugh when the alleged sexual assault took place. However, Judge denies recollection of the party. As of this writing, the Senate Judiciary Committee has not subpoenaed Judge to come forward and testify before the committee during next week’s scheduled hearing with Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh.


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