Devin Nunes

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-California), is not seen as an exceptionally credible figure. The blisteringly partisan Nunes Memo brought the chairman into the spotlight again after he spent the better part of a year in the weeds following another disastrous attempt to use classified information to defend the President.

After the House Intelligence Committee’s decision Monday to conclude its investigation into election interference by Russia by countering the assessment of every single intelligence agency, Nunes stands more alone than ever.

Even Republicans on his committee are criticizing him.

“We’ve gone completely off the rails and now we are just basically a political forum for people to leak information to drive the day’s news,” Republican committee member Tom Rooney (R-Florida) said in a CNN segment. “We’ve lost all credibility and we are going to issue probably two different reports, unfortunately.”

Rooney admitted to having seen evidence of Russian interventions in the election, but supported ending the continued investigation arguing that it was unable to serve a purpose beyond political posturing.

The decision to end the House’s investigation into Russian interference comes one month after the House Administration Committee voted to abolish the only government agency tasked with preventing election machine hacking.

While the Intelligence Committee’s draft report does find that Russia involved itself in the election, it absolves the Trump Administration of any connection to Russia despite the overwhelming opinion of American intelligence agencies who have argued Russian intervened specifically to support the election of Donald Trump.

Nunes has used his committee’s investigation in two previous high-profile attempts to exonerate the President, and to throw doubt and suspicion on intelligence and law enforcement agencies the far right has accused of systemic bias against Trump.

These attempts to discredit the FBI and other agencies have even spawned calls to prosecute those carrying on more balanced investigations into the 2016 election playing off the “deep state” conspiracy theory popular in conservative circles.

In light of this, Rooney’s support for the end of the investigation is an attempt to end the partisan efforts of Nunes, which have been detrimental to the credibility of the House Intelligence Committee and of Congress as a whole.

The investigations by both the Senate and Special Counsel Robert Mueller continue unimpeded by Devin Nunes’ naked partisanship.

Devin Nunes did not return Grit Post’s requests for comment.


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