While the rift between establishment and left factions of the Democratic Party continues, a Kamala Harris-Bernie Sanders ticket could be what unites them.

After two articles about Sen. Harris (D-California) and her potential 2020 presidential campaign went viral this week, it’s clear that the Democratic Party’s donor class and base of DC insiders favor the junior senator from California to be their pick to run against President Donald Trump in three years. However, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) recently said he’s “not taking [a 2020 run] off the table,” which would all but certainly set the party up for another divisive primary process in 2019 and 2020.

The fact that Sen. Harris already has alumni from the Barack Obama administration and some of 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s top donors in her corner means that she would likely have an early edge on superdelegates — the controversial establishment politicians and party officials that make up a significant portion of total delegates voting at the Democratic National Convention. As The Hill reported last week, Sen. Harris recently raised more than $600,000 for Senate Democrats, and more than a quarter million from a MoveOn email pitch.

However, Sen. Sanders is no slouch, as the Vermont senator was able to win 23 primaries and caucuses and raise more money than fundraising titan Hillary Clinton in both March and April of 2016. Sanders also drew enormous crowds during the Democratic primary, filling stadiums in cities like Los Angeles, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Portland, Phoenix, Seattle, Madison, Wisconsin, Boston, and other cities and towns across the country in both red and blue states.

Sanders continues to bring out large crowds in red states as he fights President Trump’s healthcare proposal, drawing out thousands of people in Louisville, Kentucky and Morgantown, West Virginia. And despite losing the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton, Sanders remains the most popular active politician in America regardless of party, with 57 percent of Americans viewing him favorably, according to a Harvard-Harris poll from April. And despite the tired “Berniebro” trope still being trotted out by his detractors to describe his base, Sen. Sanders is most popular among women (58 percent), African Americans (73 percent) and Hispanics (68 percent).

But unlike 2016, the 2020 Democratic primary doesn’t have to be a conflict between a neoliberal centrist and a Democratic socialist. Both Senators Harris and Sanders could likely come together on a number of progressive policy proposals, as Sen. Harris appears warm to ideas Sanders ran on last year, like tuition-free college at public universities and universal healthcare. And as the Los Angeles Time reported, Harris, as Attorney General of California, was able to secure a $1.1 billion judgment against Corinthian Colleges for defrauding students — something that should please Sanders’ devout army of indebted student borrowers.

The Democratic Party does indeed need younger, fresher faces, and the fact remains that Harris could potentially make history by being the first black woman to be nominated by a major political party. But Sanders’ enormous popularity among young people and minorities can’t be understated. If the 2020 Democratic primary comes down to either Kamala Harris or Bernie Sanders, the winner choosing their competitor as their running mate would mean that Democrats would have a united front against Trump, who could fracture the Republican Party if he continues his habit of tweeting veiled threats at members of his own party. And if the Democrats are united, Donald Trump may very well be a one-term president.


Jordan Shaw is a New Jersey-based writer and commentator specializing in national and state government issues for Grit Post. When he’s not writing, you can find him volunteering in Camden, New Jersey, or hiking the Wissahickon Valley Park.


  1. Highly offended you never mention him as making history as the first Jewish oresident. Also, if anything, it should be the experienced sanders as president and her as VP. And no one has heard her say she’s for single payer.

  2. True progressives won’t support Kamala Harris. Unity within the Democratic Party won’t happen unless you stop trying to force these billionaire donor backed candidates down our throats, looks like the democrats have learned nothing

  3. The fact that Sen. Harris already has alumni from the Barack Obama administration and some of 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s top donors in her corner means thatthere is not a chance in hell she will get progressives to support her. She’ll get the Dem liberal base that voted for hillary and will deliver Trump a second Term. Now a Gabbard Sanders ticket? That’d be unbeatable.

    1. Which one is the “turd”? Lol, kidding.
      What about Gov. Jennifer Granholm for POTUS with Corey Booker as Veep. THAT is a ticket that would appeal to a broad spectrum of the left AND independents, and leaves behind the any vestige of the disaster that gave us the current P.O.S. in Chief.

  4. Bump Bernie to the top of the ticket, remove Harris completely, and replace her with Tulsi Gabbard, and you’d have my support!


    1. Not to mention how old he’ll be, and the fact that he and his wife are embroiled in their own financial scandal and has take secret donations that he still will not disclose. Time for some new blood, I say Gov. Jennifer Granholm for POTUS with Corey Booker as Veep. THAT is a ticket that would appeal to a broad spectrum of the left AND independents, and leaves behind the any vestige of that past fiasco!

      1. Lol. Who are you nutjobs? Bernie Sanders is the 2020 candidate. He’s a boss. Thank god for him! He’s not divisive. You and your corrupt politicians are.

        1. Amen, Shay! Clearly, some still don’t get it! And that “financial scandal” was long ago debunked. Wish these people were half as concerned about the 40 YEARS of scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal, ad nauseum, that plagued the party’s 2 x nominee, by FORCE, mind you, HRC. I have no words to describe how disgusted and disappointed I am with my party. Well, now former party, although honestly I don’t feel like I left them. They left US back about 1990 when Bill Clinton was president and decided the party needed to get cozier with big $$$ and turned us into a bunch of damned money-grubbing republicans. I just filled out the paperwork.

  6. Is this a joke? Why would anyone be interested in a corporate whore and DNC hack like Harris? Time to move on.

  7. Great idea except for one thing or two.

    Sanders supporters are still not over pervasive election fraud on the part of the DNC, the Clinton Foundation, and mainstream media, and there has been no attempt whatsoever made to root out corruption in the mainstream Democrat Party.

    Very simply, Sanders supporters do not trust mainstream Democrats as your corruption has blown our trust, along with the fact that Wall Street profits come before tens of millions of Democrat middle-class lives in our industrial heartland.

    Moreover, the DNC’s defense in the lawsuit against it by defrauded Sanders supporters is that the DNC is a corrupt enterprise not bound by its own charter. If this is true, America is not a democracy, it is a capitalist dictatorship above any law, determined to keep neoliberalism in power through bribery and cheating if necessary.

    Meanwhile, across our industrial heartland, voting for another lying Clinton or any bought choice of the center-right wealth-addicted neoliberals is the same thing as voting to further cut our own throats.

    How many times have you lost everything you owned after your fellow alleged Democrats voted to offshore your job as well as the jobs of tens of millions of other heartland Democrats just to horde an extra buck?

    Have you ever noticed that 9 of the 10 highest median home price urban areas in the US are on our East and West Coasts, thanks to Wall Street and all that unfair trade pouring into our ocean ports, destroying heartland America?

    Did you know that the median home price in longtime Democrat strongholds Detroit and Cleveland is just 10% of what it is in NYC, Boston, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC? Why is that? Because you coastal alleged Democrats and Wall Street neoliberal wealth addicts stole our jobs.

    So the chance of a unification ticket isn’t terribly good, especially not one without Sanders as President. How does Sanders and Tutsi Gabbard sound, or Sanders and Cornell West?

    The fact is if you center-right Clintonites fail to clean house, toss your corruption problem on its ear, as well as the neoliberal wealth-addiction that has so badly-damaged your fellow heartland Democrats, and move to prosecute the guilty parties, you have no chance of restoring your lost trust, and if we heartland Democrats absolutely must, we will run independently where your bribed superdelegates won’t make any difference.

    1. Spoken like a true communist/socialist, and that is EXACTLY how the right will paint Sanders, (and would have painted him had he been the nominee in 2016), if he ever were to win the nomination for the left (a laughably ridiculous idea).

      Sadly, you gullible Berners have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Russian backed propaganda as well as all the LIES AND EXAGGERATIONS that the Sanders campaign co-opted straight from the Repug attack playbook on Sec. Clinton that they have developed over 20 years of their hatred for the Clintons.

      But you fools actually accused her of being a pawn/puppet for the right, which is demonstrably untrue – there are YEARS AND YEARS of their attacks on the Clinton’s, go use that box in front of your nose and do some INDEPENDENT RESEARCH on non-biased sites if you want the truth, but of course that is not what you’re after. You are nothing more than a far-left idealogue, a purist who like others of your ilk, fails to understand that politics is ALWAYS ABOUT COMPROMISE!!!

      Obama understood this, much to the ire of the far-left extremists like yourself, but he understood that as POTUS, he was not just the president of the left, but of ALL AMERICANS, and he felt obligated to govern as such.

      Now a real life example of the opposite of that now resides in the White House, and you are seeing EXACTLY what happens when the other party tries to pander to and appease ONLY THEIR BASE, and that as we can see, is an absolute recipe for DISASTER!!!

      Thankfully the majority of the left and center are ADULTS, people who understand this very important aspect of politics, (and something you Berners utterly failed to comprehend), that is, to quote Pres. Obama, you can’t “sacrifice the good for the sake of the perfect”. Because when you do, we can see the horrendous damage such hard-line ideology can cause. And I’m betting that only a very small core of gullible purists like yourself will repeat those mistakes again. So I can confidently state that Bernie Sanders will NOT be on the Democratic ticket, and you can take that to the bank.

  8. Nope. Bernie hasn’t finalised his FEC filings from last time — numerous questionable overseas donations (I live overseas, a US expat, and when I donate to reputable campaigns they ask for a copy of my passport) which he refuses to explain. And 10 million in dark money from a single DC address, which he also refuses to explain.
    That, and no tax returns — one partial year disclosure doesn’t cut it.
    Then there’s the hypocrisy — taking money from the Hillary Fund for his Senate races, then having the gall for calling her corrupt for raising campaign funds! Same w the DNC — he openly said he was running as a Democrat to avail himself of the resources of the party (of which he states emphatically he is not a member), then calls them corrupt for raising the funds that pay for those resources. REALLY?
    Not a chance. And this time, no free ride — plenty of us ready to call him out, loud and long. Hillary’s one mistake was treating him with kid gloves, rather than exposing the mendacious hypocrite from Vermont. Not gonna happen again.

  9. Voters don’t know much about Bernie which is why he is so popular.That is a reflection of a unprofessional press Corp and an opponent who wanted to pander to his supporters.
    From being an incredibly ineffective legislator, to being inconsistent on every issue and impossible for anyone to work with, educated voters would take pause. Add to that the very strong possibility that Jane will be convicted of bank fraud and Bernie might be her accomplice ,and the once saintly Bernie looks more like the career politician he is

  10. NOPE! No way. Nuh uh. NEVER! You could put Jesus himself on a ticket with Bernie and my answer would be the same. NO WAY IN HELL! Also, that poll is garbage. There is NO WAY that 80% of Dems approve of that windbag!

  11. NO! NO! NO! Sanders needs to stop trying to ride the Democratic Party like a tick. He is NOT a Democrat, and needs to exit stage far-left.

  12. Keep on dreaming Bernie will never be on a democratic ballot again. Too many TRUE democrats that will fight that nonsense,he has a small group of rabid followers but not enough to get him any where.

  13. I say Gov. Jennifer Granholm for POTUS with Corey Booker as Veep. THAT is a ticket that would appeal to a very broad spectrum of the left, independents, AND even disillusioned conservatives. It also has the advantage of leaving behind the any vestige of that past fiasco!

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