29-year-old Garrett Ventry — a Senate Judiciary Committee spokesman developing the GOP’s response to the sexual assault accusations hounding Brett Kavanaugh — has resigned over a sexual misconduct accusation coming to light.

On Saturday, NBC News reported that Ventry — who was helping Republicans devise their messaging strategy to defend Kavanaugh — denied the allegations, though he decided to resign from his position as a communications aide in order to refrain from “causing any distraction from the work of the committee.” No details of the nature of the accusation against Ventry have been divulged as of this writing.

The allegation against Ventry seems to come from his time as a social media adviser to North Carolina House Majority Leader John Bell (R), who fired him in 2017. While Bell didn’t tell NBC why he fired Ventry, the outlet did report that Ventry had been accused of both embellishing his resume and sexual misconduct toward a colleague who also worked in Bell’s office.

“It caused a lot of staff drama. It was the chatter of the staff,” an unidentified source within the office told NBC News. “The whole thing got turned into a he said, she said, and then Garrett was fired.”

Garrett Ventry has also been fired from a conservative-leaning public relations firm that was helping to gin up support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The sexual harassment allegation against Ventry is particularly noteworthy due to the sexual assault allegation plaguing Brett Kavanaugh that dates back to 1982. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — a psychology professor at Palo Alto University in Northern California — went public last week with her accusation that Kavanaugh held her down and tried to rape her at a party in 1982, when the two were in high school. Kavanaugh has denied the accusation, though Dr. Blasey Ford has asked the FBI to investigate, knowing that lying to the FBI is a federal crime.


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