An audio recording purportedly of Geye Hamby, superintendent of Buford City Schools in Georgia, suggests Hamby is a racist who frequently uses the n-word.

Hamby is accused of racial discrimination and using hate-filled language in a lawsuit filed in June. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, former Buford City Schools employee Mary Ingram filed the lawsuit after Hamby fired her.

Ingram said she was fired following an argument over whether or not to include gold in the school’s colors. The inclusion of the color gold is significant for Ingram, who was one of the first students to graduate after the district was racially integrated in 1970. She worked for the district as a paraprofessional for 18 years, and says Superintendent Hamby fired her in retaliation for going public with her complaint about school colors.

One audio recording that came to light as a result of the lawsuit is purportedly of Hamby, using the n-word to describe construction workers at a temp agency. Attorney Ed Buckley, who is representing Ingram, maintains the person saying the racial epithets in the recording is Hamby. He added the recording has been verified by independent experts who also claim Hamby is the voice in question. (WARNING: Explicit language)

(PERSON SAID TO BE HAMBY): Got deadbeat n***ers that said — Phillip went over there and motherfucker sitting there on a cellphone and he went over there and they sitting there and one of them got smart with him after he asked him what he supposed —

(UNIDENTIFIED MAN): They’s a-waitin’ on a fork lift.

(PERSON SAID TO BE HAMBY): He said he worked for the temp service and he didn’t have to do what the fuck we tell him to do. Fuck that n***er. I’ll kill these goddamn — shoot that motherfucker if they let me. Alright. Well, check out what’s going on with all these n***ers down here. Thank you. Bye.

In another recording purportedly of Hamby, the voice in question is heard saying the n-word repeatedly in reference to black construction workers.

“I mean, goddamn it, we, send a park — send us a park-quality person. Don’t send us a deadbeat n***er from a temp service,” the voice that is allegedly Hamby’s is heard saying. “We’ve got young kids right here that put in the work. They can do more than the damn deadbeat n***ers.”

Despite his apparent racism, the superintendent has consistently scored high on performance reviews, and has been praised by his colleagues. The Journal-Constitution reported that this year, Hamby is being paid $308,000.


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