The video of neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell “crying” has made its rounds on social media. But we should all stop sharing it immediately.

A viral tweet from writer @emkayanders perfectly summed up how Cantwell — who was featured in the VICE News documentary about Charlottesville gleefully owning the violence that killed three and injured dozens more — wanted the video of his “tears” to circulate in order to humanize him and win people over to his side.

In the tweet, @emkayanders posted a screenshot of text analyzing Cantwell’s video, first aptly pointing out that in the video itself, Cantwell never actually shed any tears when talking about his fear of being arrested for organizing and taking part in a rally that led to casualties. She then remarked about how Cantwell used the video to push the narrative that he and his fellow neo-Nazis conducted themselves “legally and peacefully,” even though there is video evidence showing that wasn’t the case. Most astutely, @emkayanders observed that this is a “dark moment” for Cantwell in the teling of his story, prompting a comeback moment at some point in the future.

Elsewhere in the thread, @emkayanders made the distinction between Cantwell’s weepy video and the viral moment when white supremacist shitlord Richard Spencer got punched in the face on the streets of Washington, DC on Inauguration Day. She pointed out that Spencer did not choose the timing or the framing when he was assaulted, whereas Cantwell was in charge of both the timing and the framing of his own video. She finished by asking people to share a video of Cantwell that was edited to show his tough-talking persona on the streets of Charlottesville juxtaposed alongside the video of him crying, saying it “puts his comments in context and rebuts them!”

As of this writing, Cantwell has not yet been arrested or charged for his participation in the hate rally in Charlottesville.


Jordan Shaw is a New Jersey-based writer and commentator specializing in national and state government issues for Grit Post. When he’s not writing, you can find him volunteering in Camden, New Jersey, or hiking the Wissahickon Valley Park.

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  1. In New Hampshire where he shoots at the American flag and manly man stalks meter maids. He claims to be a libertarian. In reality….he’s an wanna’ be anarchist without balls. He and his hard core cohorts were featured on Colbert Report in 2014.

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