(EDITOR’S NOTE, 1/22/19, 9:53 PM ET: A source reached out to Grit Post after publication of this story and suggested that the student in question might attend Owensboro Catholic High School, which is also in Kentucky. Grit Post was unable to verify this information as of this writing. This article will be updated in the event more information comes to light.)

A video purportedly of Covington Catholic students at Friday’s March for Life shows one alleged student saying “It’s not rape if you enjoy it.”

The video, posted Tuesday by YouTube user Jason Orville shows a crowd of young white students — some of them wearing red Make America Great Again (MAGA) hats — standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Roughly halfway through the video, a young man wearing a Cincinnati Bengals hat and hoodie (Covington, Kentucky is a suburb of Cincinnati) says “it’s not rape if you enjoy it,” while female students nearby gasp in shock.

Initially, it was assumed the student who made the remark was a Covington Catholic student, as he was surrounded by students wearing Covington Catholic apparel. However, a source reached out to Grit Post after publication of this story and suggested that the student might attend Owensboro Catholic High School, which is also in Kentucky. Grit Post was unable to verify this information. However, there is still outrage over what was said and the overall behavior of the group of students.

At the ten-second mark of the video, a student is seen wearing a grey Covington Catholic 2017 state championship football hoodie. That same hoodie was offered for sale on the Covington Catholic High School’s online Spirit Shop, though it has since been removed. However, the logo on the student’s hoodie at the 0:10 mark and the logo on the hoodie on the Covington Catholic Spirit Shop appear identical.

Student wearing Covington Catholic High School 2017 state championship hoodie in Washington, DC on Friday (Screenshot: YouTube)
Covington Catholic High School’s official 2017 state championship hoodie (Photo: CCHS Spirit Shop)

Covington Catholic High School dominated the weekend news cycle following a video that showed a crowd of students laughing at and mocking Native American Vietnam War veteran Nathan Phillips, of the Omaha Tribe, as he played a drum. According to Philips, he noticed the crowd of CCHS students and a small group of Black Hebrew Israelites, whom the Southern Poverty Law Center has called “racist” and “militant” in their hatred of whites.

Phillips told MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid that he and his entourage decided to attempt to calm down both sides with singing and drumming.

“Look at my America. Look at my black and white brothers here. They’re tearing at each other. We are at a point where you can’t stand by and watch this,” Phillips said.

Aside from the actions of the boys in the video — which the Catholic diocese representing Covington condemned in an official statement — the school has been criticized for fomenting a culture that encourages violence and hatred.

As Grit Post reported this past weekend, one Covington Catholic basketball player was accused multiple times of rape and sodomy, and even admitted to raping a female student in a recorded phone call. A photo of Covington Catholic students dressing in blackface to mock black athletes on an opposing basketball team also went viral over the weekend, along with a video of Covington Catholic students at the March for Life harassing a young woman as she walked by, prior to the encounter with Phillips.

One Twitter user discovered a tweet from an account belonging to a priest in the Diocese of Covington (which has since been deleted) suggesting that only unattractive women get involved in feminist causes, as “the attractive have better things to do.”

Parents of CCHS students — who pay roughly $9,000 a year in annual tuition at the private religious school — recently mounted a media offensive after hiring Louisville, Kentucky public relations firm RunSwitch PR to cast doubt on the original video. Nick Sandmann, the CCHS student who was seen standing face-to-face with Phillips in the original viral video, will be interviewed on the Today Show on Wednesday morning. President Trump has also reportedly invited the students to the White House.


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