June is Pride Month, when queer Americans demonstrate to honor the history, notably the riots at the Stonewall Inn in New York that ignited the modern gay rights movement. In Detroit, a very old threat to the Pride movement reared its head today as the rainbow flag fell under the shadow of a Swastika.

“[The National Socialist Movement] NSM will be armed and counter-protesting the freaks,” wrote Burt Colucci, the self-identified “commander” of the neo-Nazi NSM, on Russian social network VK. “NSM, lets put some boots on the ground!! I don’t really give a damn about op-sec or Antifa in this situation. We go in with Swastikas blazing and if people don’t like it, tough shit…”

Videos from the event Saturday showed neo-Nazi protestors with police escort marching through downtown Detroit during the Motor City Pride festivities. NSM members from across the country reportedly traveled to Detroit to take part in this anti-Pride demonstration.

Got this video. There are nazi’s outside of motorcity pride. My friend Abigail Nowak has opened up her house to anyone if they feel uncomfortable and want to leave. You can message her or me. Stay safe friends.

Posted by Syd Gossett on Saturday, June 8, 2019

Detroiters have opened up their homes to Pride attendees who felt unsafe due to the armed neo-Nazi presence. This is in contrast to the image of NSM’s police escort, which drew harsh criticism from Pride attendees.

One voice in a video is heard shouting; “Why are you protecting them? These are literal Nazis.”

“How come they get protected and we’re not,” shouted another. “Our police should be protecting us.”

Meanwhile, a woman with a megaphone marching under a Nazi flag called out “You are all trash.”

BREAKING NEWS: A dozen Nazis, some armed, protest outside Motor City PrideUPDATE: The protesters have left the downtown area==========Approximately a dozen anti-gay protesters, some armed and one carrying a Nazi flag, confronted those waiting to enter the Motor City Pride festival in Hart Plaza about 4 p.m. this afternoon. Dozens of police officers escorted the protesters along East Jefferson, sometimes struggling to keep counter-protesters away.The anti-gay group eventually marched a block away, where they continued to argue with counter protesters. Story developing….Out Post will keep you posted.

Posted by Out Post on Saturday, June 8, 2019

Of course, the history between the queer community and Nazis is not new. Part of the Nazi rise to power was a commitment to stamping out the “decadence” of a Germany that, at the time, was comparably tolerant of homosexuality.

This is hardly the only recent threat to queer America from right-wing extremists. Depictions of LGBT standing for “Liberty, Guns, Beer, and Trump” (instead of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) have been on the rise. And the infamous massacre at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida during Pride is one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.

At this time, Grit Post has not received any reports of injuries, but social media accounts claim the atmosphere is tense. There is no word if the neo-Nazi presence will return for the remainder of Motor City Pride festivities.

On Tuesday, June 11th, the Detroit Police Department issued a statement explaining their presence at the event.


Katelyn Kivel is a contributing editor and senior legal reporter for Grit Post in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Follow her on Twitter @KatelynKivel.



  1. Why is the police always supporting a real terrorist group? All they do is brainwash people to think like them. Just like Charles Manson, but hidden. All are nature, all are atoms, all are energy. We are all gods because no one has actual proof of our origin/the origin of atoms. Everything about the past and any gods is sedated information. And all religion is fake, because accurate information will be found. Who actually wrote the bible could be a regular person.

      1. The United States of America literally had a war with Nazis and killed them with pride. Do you remember that word pride? Being proud would be to live in a country without the Nazi’s who we, the United States of America, fought and killed in war.

    1. JDM — The police are doing a chore put upon them under the US Constitution which allows for the freedom of assembly and public speech and protest. The NON-NAZIS could very swiftly take actions to beat-up or even kill the Neo-Nazis so the cops get the role of bodyguards. Yes, we are all energy so what else is new? Religion is a man-made ritual it is real but the ideas might be fake–of course you should go talk ONE on ONE with Jewish rabbis and Islamic Imans and Christian pastors to get a better idea what religion does or does not offer. The Nazi’s have a god–they worship themselves! Which is idolatry — that is considered a BIG no-no!

      1. How likely is it that the Nazi’s will be the ones attacked? No, the police should protect the Pride attendees from the Nazi’s that have committed violence REPEATEDLY against not just the LGBT community but Jews, blacks and others. The police have no duty to protect them.

        1. I had to make an account just to back Kon Krypton up here, are we really saying that armed citizens known for radical beliefs and actions need to be protected from half naked gay people at their parade? There’s something about that which is so twisted it’s no wonder people talk of civil war all the time.

  2. some one should have asked if they renumber June 6th when American patriots killed their kind by the thousands

    1. Obviously anyone who walks around carrying a NAZI flag knows nothing about the history of WWII. They are ignorant and immoral as well.

      1. I disagree. They know full well what happened in 1930’s Germany and in WW 2. We have to fight back and elect politicians who are not far-right-conservatives who also support the Nazi ideology.
        Soon after the end of WW 2 a group of top Nazis who escaped the law regrouped and began the preparation of the 4th Reich. What’s ironic is in Germany it is illegal for anyone to join or promote the Nazi ideology. Jail is part of the punishment.

        1. Presumably you are well-versed in the part the United States played in saving Hotler’s top scientists also. Wernher von Braun, anyone?

          1. This is just a whataboutism. What does it matter that the United States *also* did something shitty, in the context of this discussion? It doesn’t change the fact that modern day Nazis are a thing, and need to be actively worked against so they can’t be politically supported by the messed up people who might back them.

  3. SHAME on each and every member of the Detroit police force. SHAME on every member of the city government who knew about this and didn’t stop it. SHAME on anyone who doesn’t stop Nazis. Our grandparents DIED to stop Nazis. To these police and the members of Detroit city government that allowed police to protect frikkin nazis? Your grandparents are weeping in shame for you. You have dishonored them. You have disgraced yourselves.

    American police. Standing up for Nazis. SHAME.

  4. Horrific rise of devil Nazis. The police force is, of course, filled with Nazis and other filthy bigots, so of course they are going to protect their own.

  5. These groups are a Cancer on our society and should be disbanded or jailed ! Ask the thousands that died to stop them last time !

    1. It would behoove all real Americans to push to place Nazi provocations as the same legal status as yelling “fire” in a crowded movie house or “BOMB” at the airport– these guys are terrorists waiting for the right moment to start killing non-Nazis. Their speech is hate speech. Ask Germany.

  6. The Police in Detroit are obviously confused about who should and who should not be protected from whom. Police departments are para military organizations, hence their confusion.
    I believe that this incident needs to be i investigated by the Police Commission and the Michigan State Bureau of Investigation.

  7. Don’t do it in my town. My grandfathers did not fight fascist hate for you to wave that flag. There are a thousand people there supporting pride, just end them. What are 12 gonna do against thousands. The only way to stamp this shit out is to stomp it into the ground face first.

  8. Presumably you are well-versed in the part the United States played in saving Hitler’s top scientists also. Wernher von Braun, anyone?

  9. The first Pride was a riot, is something I keep reading. We should absolutely go back to that. Anybody who shows up to protest a Pride event- especially waving a GODDAMN SWASTIKA- should have their teeth kicked in. Any cop who protects nazis deserves the same fate as nazis.

  10. A very, very low point in the history of this country. These KKK are not people, they are the devil incarnated.

  11. Where is an explanation from the police department explaining their involvement in this? Were the Nazis surrounded to keep them in check? Were they further escorted out of town? I don’t understand. I think an explanation is in order.

  12. It’s perfectly clear that Donald Trump supports and promotes Nazis, white supremacists, anti semitism and racist bigots. He has repeatedly made that clear to the nation and the world. Donald Trump has a long history of racism and bigotry. He is promotion of the racist birther movement is but one repugnant example. Those that wear the Maga hat are the functional equivalent of the Nazi brown shirts in WWII Germany during the Third Reich.
    * Hitler blamed minorities for Germany’s problems.
    – Trump blames minorities for America’s problems.
    * Hitler eliminated the free press.
    – Trump is trying to eliminate the free press.
    * Hitler encouraged police brutality.
    – Trump encourages police brutality.
    * Hitler continued Nazi rallies after he was elected.
    – Trump continues Nazi rallies.
    * Hitler encouraged violence from his followers.
    – Trump encourages violence from his followers.
    Trump = Hitler

  13. How was the city able to issue permits for the Pride events, and then turn around and issue permits to the NSM/nazi’s for access to the same space? Unfortunately these provocateurs have a right to assemble, but does anyone have any information or understanding on that piece?

    1. Thanks for asking this question. As publisher, I want to let you know that this is the same question we presented to Detroit authorities. Having these groups in close proximity to each other creates a potential public safety issue. We’re awaiting response from Detroit PD and the Mayor’s Office. We’ll update the article when we hear back.

  14. Oh wow.
    Those are actual nazis walking around protected by law enforcement. Those stupid swastika flags of theirs belong in a fire pit, and those people that are proud of waving them shouldn’t even be outside. A sea of rainbows, colors and love being split by the definition of hatred, cruelty and dehumanization. It’s a dangerous contrast, a powder keg waiting for a spark to ignite it. That’s why cops don’t belong at Pride – because they do stuff like this.

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