Puerto Rico

Following a tweet in which President Trump threatened to pull FEMA out of Puerto Rico, 69 Republicans voted against additional aid for the territory.

This number is actually down from the 90 House Republicans that voted against the initial aid package.

Puerto Rico faces potentially six months without power after the hurricanes that have devastated the island. The most recent, Hurricane Maria, has claimed 45 lives. 117 other Puerto Ricans remain unaccounted for. CNN reports that the response from the US has been so lackluster their team of journalists was mistaken for FEMA.

But while leaders of both parties in the house called for aid for the American territory to be increased, President Trump and 69 House Republicans are signaling a lack of concern for Puerto Rico’s future.

One of the opponents of the aid package is, Rep. Mark Walker (R-North Carolina), who wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that equated hurricane relief with going to the hospital and being unable to pay medical bills (a thing that regularly happens).

Six Texas Republicans were also among the opponents to the aid, despite the largely supportive response Texas has received for its own disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

And Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) voted against support for Puerto Rico despite the fact that FEMA still has a presence in his state left over from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Here is the full list of Representatives that voted against disaster relief for United States citizens:

Justin Amash (R-Michigan)
Jim Banks (R-Indiana)
Andy Burr (R-Kentucky)
Joe Barton (R-Texas)
Jack Bergman (R-Michigan)
Andy Biggs (R-Arizona)
Mike Bishop (R-Michigan)
Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee)
Rod Blum (R-Iowa)
Dave Brat (R-Virginia)
Mo Brooks (R-Alabama)
Ken Buck (R-Colorado)
Ted Budd (R-North Carolina)
Steve Chabot (R-Ohio)
James Comer (R-Kentucky)
Warren Davidson (R-Ohio)
Scott DesJarlais (R-Tennessee)
Sean Duffy (R-Wisconsin)
Jeff Duncan (R-South Carolina)
John Duncan (R-Tennessee)
Tom Emmer (R-Minnesota)
Virginia Foxx (R-North Carolina)
Trent Franks (R-Arizona)
Mike Gallagher (R-Wisconsin)
Thomas Garret (R-Virginia)
Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio)
Louie Gohmert (R-Texas)
Bob Goodlatte (R-Virginia)
Paul Gosar (R-Arizona)
Morgan Griffith (R-Virginia)
Andy Harris (R-Maryland)
Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas)
Jody Hice (R-Georgia)
French Hill (R-Arkansas)
George Holding (R-North Carolina)
Richard Hudson (R-North Carolina)
Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana)
Walter Jones (R-North Carolina)
Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)
Trent Kelly (R-Mississippi)
David Kustoff (R-Texas)
Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado)
Jason Lewis (R-Minnesota)
Barry Loudermilk (R-Georgia)
Kenny Marchant (R-Texas)
Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky)
Mark Meadows (R-North Carolina)
Luke Messer (R-Indiana)
Alex Mooney (R-West Virginia)
Markwayne Mullin (R-Oklahoma)
Kristi Noem (R-South Dakota)
Ralph Norman (R-South Carolina)
Gary Palmer (R-Alabama)
Steve Pearce (R-New Mexico)
Scott Perry (R-Pennsylvania)
Robert Pittenger (R-North Carolina)
John Ratcliffe (R-Texas)
Todd Rokita (R-Indiana)
Keith Rothfus (R-Pennsylvania)
David Rouzer (R-North Carolina)
Mark Sanford (R-South Carolina)
David Schweikert (R-Arizona)
Jamex Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin)
Jason Smith (R-Missouri)
Chris Stewart (R-Utah)
Mark Walker (R-North Carolina)
Jackie Walorski (R-Indiana)
Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio)
Roger Williams (R-Texas)

CNN went on to break down the basic services and necessities of life that Puerto Rico is lacking that failed to move these 69 Representatives to act, like food, water, medicine, power infrastructure, and other needs.

Despite the words of Trump and the votes of these 69 Republicans, over $36 Billion was allocated to additional disaster relief for Puerto Rico and other areas still recovering from natural disasters.


Katelyn Kivel is a journalist and political scientist in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Follow her on Twitter @KatelynKivel.


    1. We ought to let the dummies in the south and midwest go. They are so clueless it’s no longer even relevant to consider them citizens of the United States. U.S.A. Unhinged Stupid Asses….

      1. UH EXCUSE ME !!!! the DUMMIES in THE SOUTH ?? the POLITICIANS are all over the place.. but LIVING IN DALLAS COUNTY we are VERY BLUE and if you want to say LET THE POLITICIANS GO OK, but SPECIFY.. I’m sick of dumping on us the citizens when in TEXAS 40% solid vote is DEM and in more in the cities. LOTS MORE.. and lets see, where is Trump from ? Michael Grimm, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Reince Priebus, Rick Snyder, Steve King, Joni Ernst, Paul LePaige.. maybe you want to rethink your demographics !! we work HARD trying to get rid of these Foul Demons !!

        1. Awesome response. You have it correct on all points.
          I was born, raised and will die perhaps in NYC, and to top it off, I’m a Republican who is in total disgusting revolt over the people who voted him into office. Trust me when I say that DTrump is NOT liked in this city by many, including myself.
          The expression he used recenu, “the quite before the storm” can be interpreted inbtwo ways at this stage and it is a scary perspective.

          I have very good, no, awesome friends in the southern state and Texas would mostly be my second home if NYC became no longer appealing to me.

          1. Did you vote? Did you vote Republican? If you did, it really doesn’t make you any better than the whole lot of Republicans. The writing on the wall was as clear as day in their intentions from the moment that man began to campaign. Everything he did and said was against what America is supposed to stand for. If you didn’t vote for him and his rhetoric to make America Great again which in the actual sense translates to America being a White America, then I applaud you.

            I was born in PR and raised in NY. Not that I expect anything from him because I know who he is and what he stands for, but to call my people a bunch of lazies who want everything done for us, oh is he so wrong. We have been enslaved since 1817 and owned by the US Government since 1917. If there is anything that my homeland has done is help the US in the economy while we have suffered greatly, not by choice mind you, but by the policies of the US and what being a commonwealth really means. It is not by choice that we are a commonwealth but solely because the US will not give us either statehood or independence.

            Lastly, while you and Tony think that Texas is 40% blue state, let me correct you by stating that is less than half of the true demographics in Texas. Texas has been a Red state for the last four decades and his single-digit win in November 2016 will continue a 4-decade-old GOP lock on the state that is not expected to change for about 20 years. Yes, the state is occupied by many Hispanics but the majority still remains white based and Republican.

        2. Well said! There are dummies all over this country. As a wisconsinite, I’m ashamed to say that gerymandering is alive and well! Getting rid of it is a lot harder than it should be. Even the courts are affraid of these powerful, hitleresk walker types that have no clue as to what the people want or need. Just keep the tRumpty Dumpty happy and they think they will be re-elected!
          It’s time to throw out the trash and get this country moving in the right direction again! The swamp has never been this deep!

        3. We definately need to rid ourselves of them, They are all heartless people only care about their own lives and money!

        4. Tony- I feel your pain. I live in VERY Blue Travis County, Texas, and we NEVER vote red. We care about the happiness of people and we try to volunteer and help our unfed and unhoused people. It’s not surprising to me that we’ve gotten ignored and un-franchised by Republicans. They don’t care about anyone except themselves.

      2. Ok I am a transplant to the south. We all aren’t stupid. But unfortunately we have to hide our views out of fear of dumb ass redneck retaliation. We operate behind the scenes to try to stop this stupidity. Have a big job.

        1. It may appear easy for me to say Amy, I live in a very blue state but truly, you need to speak truth to power, especially against such hypothetical truly anti-American, anti humanitarian legislators who most likely call themselves pro life. We need more of you, not voiceless you but the powerful, vocal you. There are many good people in your state whose voices need to be heard. Your soul, your personhood, your peace of mind is at risk by your silence. Peace be with you.

      3. No words to express the continual down spiral of our minds when it comes to the madness happening around us. I refused to call them dummies because we have been hypnotized from birth. America Unhinged is more appropriate.

      4. Your logic speaks for itself. Obviously you live in OZ, where everyone thinks that they are intelligent. Your words betray you. With a name like Divad, most people would think that whomever named you was dyslexic.
        I would encourage you to stay put wherever you are, because neither the Midwest or especially the South can do without your ignorance and bigotry.

    2. Every Hoosier should feel a deep sense of shame for voting for these right wing radical Republicans. I can still remember when Republicans were reasonable conservatives like Ruckelshaus , Dick Lugar, Keith Bulen and John Mutz. The elected Democrats were rational moderates like Birch Bayh and Evan Bayh.

      Alas, we now have only the right wing extremists like Coats and Young in the Senate and Banks and Messer, Banks and Worlosky in the House. Republicans like Pence are destroying the moderate and reasonable Indiana that the Bulen Republicans and moderate Democrats built.

    3. BREAKING NEWS: Trump refuses to negotiate with Puerto Rico for more aid because he “heard their president is a fucking moron.”

      1. If this is true, there indeed needs to be some accountability. However, since the source of this information is CNN News, I have to doubt the validity of this report, with their historic failure to present the truth on any news concerning any Republican. Right now I believe this is just more fake news.

      2. That is exactly what he is, a “FU KING MORON RACIST”. I had the privilege to be born as an American and with his tweets and comments all over the media there is no other explanation when our supposedly president is taking the relief from a totally devasted island like P.R. now. Indeed they are surrounded by a big sea but by it says in the Constitution P.R. deserves all the rights and help they need until they stand up back on their feet again. I’m a 100% republican but I will never forget all this bullcrap trump has been saying about our friends in the Caribbean. We will never forget.

      3. He is the biggest fucking moron…He doesn’t even know that he is the President of Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands, imbecile…So he really should be name calling bcuz it starts with him 🙄🙄😳😳

      4. Not true. One year after the hurricane Maria for which I spent 6 months without energy and 4 months without communication, because I live in Puerto Rico. Trump has not send the money he said was going to send to help the people here. To start with, most people, 60% are older than 55. Most do not work and are retired. Most do not get a pension, I know police and teachers do not get social security and the damned politicians who managed the island since 20 years ago, stole their funds for retiring. They are 75yrs old and still working. We cannot even decide our future because we don’t have one and the US does not want us to be a state and does not wants us to be independent either so they keep the boot over our heads and we are still a colony. After Maria, many professionals migrated to the US. There are no jobs here. More than 2,000 people died, direct or indirect from the hurricane. Houses in the mountains and the coast are still without ceilings and with the blue covers that Femma gives but Trump doesn’t care. He is a white supremacist and a coverup Hitler. The democrats who came to the island did not come for vacation. There was a meeting that was planned months ago for them to meet with our people to get the help we still need and have been waiting for, for more than a year, Sept 20, 2017 till now Jan 18, 2019 that has not been given yet and never forget that we are american citizens as much as you are because when you go to war with people we don’t know or care about, puertorricans are the first to join the army and fight for you.

  1. Why can’t we suportPureto Rico ! Oh shit , I forgot they are all brown people ! NOT US CITEZENS!!! OUR REPUBLICANTS ARE MORE FULL OF BAT GUANA THAN I COULD HOPE FOR !!!

      1. As American citizens, many can now go to their new homes in Florida, New York, Louisiana, Illinois, the Carolinas and Texas, register to vote there and express their opinions of the Republicans who have refused to aid them, their friends and families.

        We should encourage them all to do so.

        1. 2018…A lot can change if we decide to vote the lot of them out of office into the private sector. Get registered to vote you all! And the Vote Republicans out of office!

        2. But PRs love their island and many would prefer to stay! As far as color or race, it’s easy to become brown when out in the sun working or playing. Americans pay thousands of dollars for their vacations in the tropics to hang out in the beaches and get brown. It’s called tanning!

          1. Lol….. I am sure they meant brown due to the fact that they are of African descent…and not just anyone can get brown…. Just cause they in the sun…. Lol

        3. I hope as you do that they will all express their opinion about how they have been abandoned by the Republicans who are running the country at this time. I know I will.

      2. There is an old Social Work saying, “perception is reality”. Saying the people of Puerto Rico are brown is like saying the people of Texas are republicans! Yes many are but not all. Puerto Rico is a territory of the USA, there are thousands of Anglos living there because of military and naval bases and also because Puerto Rico is one of the biggest customers of US goods. so most businesses are North American own. Many White Americans have retired and live in Puerto Rico. You can not own a territory for 120 years without some mixing. Like it or not USA we are your relative.

      1. BREAKING NEWS: Trump refuses to negotiate with Puerto Rico for more aid because he “heard their president is a fucking moron.”

        1. Maybe you are moron. We are US citizen. I am a Vietnam era veteran Sargent USAF. After the military I became a business owner in Virginia. Now retired came back home to Puerto Rico. So who is the moron.

      2. They are Brown citizens. And to those asses that voted no on additional aid Brown citizens aren’t really their people. Texas should give back all the aid money they have and will continue to get.

        A curse on all of the no voters. When you are up for reelection I hope you go down big time. Racist bigots.

    1. instructed in history to then say with basis and foundation who we are Puerto Ricans in your USA. We have done more than you for your nation.

  2. It is disgusting…all the billions they spend on weapons & new planes, etc & moving the Trump family around, but if it comes to those in need, they couldn’t care less. I will never vote Republican again.

  3. Why we Americans suffer in pain through disaster after disaster and our politicians denying us aid while they give away 16 billion dollars a year to Israel in Aid for nothing no natural disaster they’re not American and I don’t see why we’re giving them all that money when we need it here in America

    1. Why go against Israel in when arguing for Puerto Rico. It’s not one for the other. The US helps many countries including Israel because it’s in the interest of the US to strengthen those countries. Those aids don’t prevent any help to Puerto Rico. There’s plenty of possible changes in budget and taxing prioritization to be done before considering cutting aid to international or domestic entities.

      1. As a American, I much prefer Americans here, in Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, to receive the needed help before Israel receives any more aid…they are eating, have a military force, are building too…so why do they need our money…I don’t mind people that need aid getting it, but not people that are already doing alright…

      2. The answer is very simply, Israel receives millions of dollars…this is not an argument its a fact..It’s also in the interests of American citizens to be taken care of when there is a crisis situation here and in our territories…You don’t know what you’re talking about…69 members of congress voted against aid for Puerto Rico, check out the news before you speak…yes they will get some aid, but not what is needed…I think you have some nerve, even suggesting that this country to adjust our budget in order to make sure Israel continues to receive aid…

      3. Because that aid that goes to Israel…helps Netanyahu to continue to build illegal settlements…for the rich…with US tax payer money..that should be used to help American citizens… who are in dire need …maybe Netanyahu…can see past his selfish behavior and send support to a people who have more of an understanding of our commitment to Israel…than Trump will ever understand.

    2. Definitely you don’t know we Puertorricans are USA Citizens like you are… read the facts before your senseless comments!

      1. She was being sarcastic. She knows Puerto Rican’s are U.S. Citizen. Your president didn’t know it just like he didn’t know he is president of the U. S. Virgin Islands. Wow what a dummie.

        1. BREAKING NEWS: Trump refuses to negotiate with Puerto Rico for more aid because he “heard their president is a fucking moron.”

    1. Me either ,majority inside deep down a racist but you know what they going to reap what they sow Trump he’s a dirty old bastard and I wouldn’t give two s**** if all 69 of them and Trump drop dead today.

    1. It doesn’t matter, the Occult military, hollywood, washington occult government, and the corporate judicial world, Corporate world will l only microchip and mind control the next robot.

  4. You all need to understand that this is all a well thought plan. What Trump and all of these representatives that voted against giving PR aid, are hoping is for All Puertorican to leave the island. Once the island is empty, they will go and fix and rebuild the island so they can go and purchase all the land that has been left behind by the natives.
    Puerto Rico is a US territory and one of the most beautiful island in the world. Is a piece of paradise.

    Not helping PR is the best way to force everyone to leave. Puertoricans need to stay strong and not give up. I know it is easier to say than done but don’t leave the island. Don’t give these rich Americans the satisfaction. They want you all to leave so they can take over the island.

    Remember that Trump built a golf course and hotels in PR. Many years ago he said that PR was the most beautiful place in the world. He wants you outside he and his rich friends can move in.

    1. Yes, then in order to avoid paying taxes, he declared bankruptcy and left the Island with the loss. One of the reasons PR is financially in trouble.

    2. Yes, but if the Puerto Ricans move to the US they will be able to vote. I doubt even one of them would cast a vote for a Republican.

    3. You NAILED IT!!! Trump is THE biggest asshole on the planet!!!! He will ONLY help HIMSELF. & he has NO right being in a position of power, because he’s done nothing but misuse it!

    4. I’ve always thought the same. For me you are totally right. Early in the last century after my country went from the hands of Spain to USA, the new masters took over the best lands by imposing a tax the owners couldn’t afford. We will never forget those who have helped us at our worst moment, neither will forget those who turned their back on us.

    5. You hit the nail on the head you need to keep this message strong God bless you for piercing of thought that is escaping common sense.

    6. Your absolutely right there is always a hidden agenda! The only thing that will save Puerto Ricans are the Puerto Ricans stand united stand strong!!!

    7. True. However due to technology they have taken over anyway. I agree, I hope they can do the best they can do. The criminals that has taken over the People’s government are murderers and do not care about anyone regardless of race, creed, color, religion.

    8. That’s true. Also Mr. President after building the hotel and golf course with a loan he left without paying and contributing with our financials problems. Now for some people we are brown, for others our governor is a moron. But what happened when Irma hit the virgin islands, we received with open arms all their people just to help them, because that’s the kind of people we are. We are also US citizens. And for your those ignorants we are brown, white and black people. I will not leave my precious land.

  5. I hope that all my Hispanic Texan friends who are under the false hope that these representives are there to help the people they represent are reading this article because they will be in for an eye opener. It no longer is about the people who they represent but their pockets and their wishes. If you are Brown, Black, or any race but white you can expect the same treatment as our brothers in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico should be claining the money owed them by the President . You all vote blue from now on if you want to be sure that you are assisted if something happens. Puerto Rico is a Territory of the United States and its citizens are American and as such should have every right to get the help they need.

    1. The Occult Military, Hollywood, Corporate Judicial, Corporate World will find another robot no matter the political background. I hope the best for people. These criminals start the race wars. Conquer and then divide. Media proproganda from the occult world. Smiling faces lying to the races.

  6. 36 billion despite the vote. What was the point of voting? I understand assisting in of disaster but there is such a thing as overkill. Alotting billions of dollars in aid seems a bit extreme. Fema still in Louisiana from 2005? Really? I thought the whole point of fema was to be an expedient immediate solution not a long term endless means of funding. Shouldn’t the government of individual states and Puerto Rico have had some kind of funds of their own. I think natural disasters and funding to repair areas affected should be treated with a little bit of common sense and financial responsibility. It does not make sense to spend billions of dollars rebuilding an area that will most likely be devastated again in the future. It’s a waste of resources and in my opinion future lives. Stop inhabiting and populating areas that are prone to repeated devastation. If you can look at the area and say there is a high probability that it will be in the same situation year after year then cut it lose.

    1. Not year after year at all. Just like Texas, Harvey was unprescedented. Never has a hurricane of this force, left this level of destruction in Puerto Rico and then, two category4/5 in a row. If Maria would have hit Florida right after Irma, there would be nothing left of Florida. PuertoRicans have been living over a month without basic needs, not sure any mainland citizen would survive or Congress would allow that. The US citizens in Puerto Rico have a right to the same help Florida or any other state would receive.. Puerto Rico pays billions a year to the US economy via 25% import taxes mandated on them, without a right to vote or representation. They proudly serve in the US military and in all the US wars ordered by a congress and a president yet do not have the right to vote . Puerto Rico, due to the mandated US Jones Act, is only allowed to import from ships that leave US ports gauranteeing billions be paid back directly to the US via import tax. A guaranteed payment from Puerto Rico to the federal government. Furthermore, the US government restricts the amount of agriculture Puerto Rican farmers can sell to the local markets, certain percentage of produce must, by US imposed law, be imported. Clinton also signed to get rid of a program called 936 which attracted business. Upon Clinton signing this the economy in Puerto Rico fell, and due to NAFTA most industry left to avoid US labor laws imposed on Puerto Rico, by a president and Congress they do not have a right to vote for. This help is not free, it is earned via the bl blood of every American citizen from Puerto Rico that died for their country which IS the USA.

      1. Hi Lady , my congratulations because you’re one of few American people who is well informed about our history and economical situation. Thanks for your support ! God bless you.

    2. Best response I’ve read so far! You nailed it! People need to stop with the expectations of handouts following natural disasters. Food, water, medicine, clothing and temporary housing is all the federal government should be flipping, not rebuilding entire communities. We’re not an endless supply of $$$ and this is one reason we’re so heavily in debt. I feel terrible for the people of PR, but in the end, they live and choose to live in Hurricane Alley. My primary reason for leaving Miami after my life was destroyed by hurricane Andrew. If you’re willing to gamble by living in a high risk area, be prepared for circumstances . And I’m not talking about US government buying your life back for you.

      1. Right! No aid for Puerto Rico, but our Dear Leader wants to increase our nuclear weapons by ten times. DT and his moronic supporters are the most ridiculous idiots in the world…………..

    3. That’s why the union was formed, you fool . From 13 colonies to 50 states . Now that I finished reading the last four sentences in your comment, I can see you ain’t too smart , Cindy . All those islands have been an asset to the union throughout history and continue to be . Before satélites went into space , the radar/telescope in Arecibo , PR was the only way we had to observe the universe. It was the closes asset we had to the equator. The other option would’ve been southern San Diego .

    4. Listen, if you were in our situation and going through what we are going through, I’m positive you would want the same help that you are implying is useless to send to Puerto Rico, even if that maybe in the future we will get hit by a hurricane again…. we need help like any other state impacted by nature disasters.

    5. BREAKING NEWS: Trump refuses to negotiate with Puerto Rico for more aid because he “heard their president is a fucking moron.”

    6. The reason it works this way, is because in the cases of regional or disasters that cross state lines, ONLY the federal government has the resources to assist. A major hurricane in Florida or South Carolina would overwhelm the states’ ability to respond. It’s about assisting fellow Americans, no matter where they are, North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico included. There is also a reason the federal government comes to the rescue is economic. Our economy is interconnected, across state lines, jobs in Michigan may depend on people working in Florida. The idea of getting the local economy humming again and as fast as possible. A devastated New Orleans impacted the economies of places far from New Orleans.

    7. Why change the baby’s diaper if he’s gonna poop again in a few hours? Why make the bed if you’re gonna sleep in it again tomorrow ? Duh?..
      Illogical reply. You better rethink how silly you sounded?…
      Stop inhabiting place prone to disasters? There would be no California, no Italy, no Seattle,

    8. Then you should stop wipping your but because your just going to have to wipe it again next time you go .Don’t be ignorant .

  7. Thank you Katelyn Kivel for your article. We appreciate enormously your help. Thank you.
    Almost 6 million Puerto Ricans live in the USA with voting rights. Many more have seen and heard the response of the president & Congress. We will remember in November and beyond.

    1. Shame on those Republicans. Apparently, they have stones for hearts. But no worries. One day, these shameless republicons will learn a hard lesson because Karma is a [email protected]
      Also, Puerto Ricans have long memories and are very patient. I hope they turn every state they move to BLUE from red.

    2. I agree and am appalled by the treatment of our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters. May God be with them and let us not forget.

  8. For any individual to deny aid to a destroyed region is and will always be inhuman and lost to reality.
    Puerto Rico has been raped and downtrodden since it’s allegiance to United States. Yet Puerto Rican’s give freely. Our souls will not be die even though life on Puerto Rico is desperate.

    1. Agreed. The U.S. invaded it during the Spanish-American War, and even though Puerto Ricans have been U.S. citizens for 100 years and they have fought in every war since the WWI, they are still treated like 2nd class citizens. No more. We should be accorded the same respect, courtesy, and treatment given to Americans living on mainland USA.

  9. Andy Harris, an M. D. From MD is on th right list. I thought he took a pledge as a physician to do no harm. He’s an anesthesiologist and must be taking his own medicine to behave so misanthropically.

  10. We have to send these 69 representatives to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 so they can live the experience that these Fellow American Citizens are suffering and for almost a month now!24 days without basic needs Water, Power,telecommunications, gasoline,the Hurricane María Diet, (non perishable canned food),long lines in the heat to buy any article with cash because there is no use of credit cards and additional lines for ATMs that dispense 100$ only! Puerto Rico’s temperature is usually a average of 90 degrees of sweaty heat! Children without protection of a healthy environment at home or schools!People without their jobs or suffering at their jobs and homes! So how is it possible to rest, not Be stressed, to feel abandoned and betrayed by representatives and USA 🇺🇸!!!! HELP!! S.O.S.!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes! Send them to the central region of Puerto Rico. Let them drink water from the river, go to bed in humid, mosquito infested evenings, and not knowing when they will get energy back. Maybe after a week they will be all ready to vote in favor.

  11. WOW. What sympathetic people. I think we should cut down the amount of representatives state and country. They don”t represent us any way. They just represent themselves. Everyone worries about the budget, losing a few congressmen and senators would go a long way to balance the budget.

  12. It is impossible to believe that anyone would vote against more money for relief to Puerto Rico. Especially sad is to see names of Representatives from Louisiana, after the disaster caused by Katrina. And Texas, who may not realize Puerto Rico is part of the United States. I have friends in Texas and they would support sending all the relief that is needed. Perhaps because D Trump is more concerned about the NFL and his own fighting in North Korea, by taunting the leader calling him Rocket Man. We have a President who is unfit to serve, he has no understanding of the duties of his office, along with a Vice President, and Speaker of the House, who are in their glory with the new tax bill that will devastate the 98% of the citizens of the United States, and make the rich richer,

  13. I say send those 69 to live in Puerto Rico for 6 months as regular people and it will transform them from cold hearted, self-serving as_hat politicians into something that may resemble humans

  14. I am appalled to be living in state of Virginia and we have four idiots that opposed these funds😡. I thought Virginia is for lovers not haters/racists.

  15. It is a lot of work to be elected to almost any public office. However, the best way for Puerto Rico to seek and gain independence is for qualified Puerto Ricans to make the effort necessary to replace each of the above elected representatives. The ballot box works if you use it correctly. Just as Trump.

  16. I agree that PR needs some aid. The federal government has spent more than $200 billion of American taxpayers money in the last 15 years on relief. It covered 72% of Katrina’s damages and 80% of Sandy’s damages. Before Katrina, on average, federal aid made up only 17% of hurricane damage.
    PR by it’s own doing was in horrible horrible condition – the power grid being only one example. Why – gross mismanagement and corruption. After listening to the Mayor of San Juan I have a few questions for her. You knew in advance that you were facing not one but two hurricanes. Knowing that your grid was tenuous 1. What was your emergency plan, 2. What plan did you establish and communicate to your employees before and after 3. What was the emergency plan if any did you establish the governor. 4. Are you one of the local officials the FBI is investigating. 5. Do you believe that it is the American taxpayer’s responsibility to pay for rebuilding of PR when it wasn’t the American taxpayers who led the territory to bankruptcy? 6. How do you plan to repay the money being spent there?

    1. That’s ok when all of thePuerto Ricans
      have abandoned the island and move to your state and then we will see how fast you will want to help.

  17. To all Americans (non puertorricans or Latinos), replying against these egoistic racists, thank you for your support!

    Please remind them of their value during the next congressional elections!

  18. Is a shame . But God dont like ugly . For everyone who had voted against the aids that 3.8 millions American citizens in needs . Is going to be the end of your political aspiration. .

  19. The only reason that they could is that they want to be on the unemployment line for on 2018 each and everyone of them will be voted out. I will safe keep all those names so I remember if they come to my neighborhood bringing their political BULLSHIT.

  20. http://www.google.com/amp/thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/house/355225-69-republicans-vote-against-puerto-rico-aid%3Famp

    Here is the rest of the story. Get more details and see that there is aid. Yes Some Texas Representative did vote against it. Two voted against the first bill with language set to help Harvey victims.
    Please remember to always check the facts and there are other people out there that are trying to save a country as a whole. If we don’t have a CPU try we won’t be able to save any of our residents no mater where they live.
    I have family in the reserves and he is on his way to help for a month. My wife works with USDA. They had multiple people in PR helping.
    There is no quick cure for the power issue. That’s just bad luck and bad government planning. Hate the PR government for that. Puerto Rico is getting help. It is getting food. Hospitals and clinics are trying to operate the best they can. Sadly we can’t drive supplies from the Continental USA to PR.
    Stop complaining and send your own cash to a fund that helps people or charter a boat or plane full of supplies and workers and ship them.

  21. You know Cruze had to eat crow ! It might be your State next with a natural disaster. You all forget do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Seems you are the only party who keeps religion out of politics. Except to talk and condem anyone not like you. Remember there will be a reckoning !

  22. This information is very helpful. There is a massive exodus of Puertoricans leaving the island and moving to other states not only Florida. Once in the mainland they will be able to vote for the president and senators candidates. These senators voted and made decisions as if they were going to occupy those positions forever. I agree, lets send the 69 senators with their families to Puerto Rico to the middle of the island to spend at least one week with no potable water and no electricity, no internet connection, no cell connection, no batteries, no flashlights, luckily a few candles. Maybe, they will learn something. Maybe they will remember what their call is supposed to be.

  23. Dave Brat just lost my vote!! I live in Richmond Virginia and will not support a heartless politician who does not care about fellow US citizens who are hurting!!

  24. “I would like to clear a few things in relation to my Island of Puerto Rico!! There is a huge misconception that Puerto Rico is being maintained by the USA!
    1) USA sends Puerto Rico $4.6 billion a year. For welfare, Pell Grant, roads, etc. This supports 42% of the population. This amount is not enough to support this population.
    2) They send $13 billion a year for social security, but this is not unilateral! This is money that is retained from our paychecks!! Yet the USA reports this as help and money they send.
    3) Puerto Rico buys from the US $22.6 Billion a year in goods; Making PR a huge customer for the USA, one of its top markets in the world. A captive market.
    4) The Jones Act is 100 years old! We do not have the freedom to choose who ships to Puerto Rico! We have to ship EVERYTHING in US Flag ships, which happen to be the most expensive in the world! This act was implanted with logic, to patrol the seas! But today it’s just an abuse and Puerto Ricans suffer by it adding huge costs to our products. We spend $1.5 billion a year on this added cost. We are 90% of the business of US ships!!! 80% OF OUR foood is imported, making it twice as expensive as in the US.
    5) Out of the business done in Puerto Rico, 70 cents of every dollar ($34 billion a year) leave the island to the bank accounts of US businesses. Mainland chains have wiped out local businesses (pharmacies,hardware, department stores, etc). No other territory in the world permits that much money to leave, leaving behind the scraps for its own sustenance.
    6) Summarizing: USA to PR $4.7 Billion and PR to USA $72 Billion. 🤔 You do the math.
    7) So, when Puerto Rico gets hit by a Hurricane and needs help, USA should send the help. They cannot act as they are doing us a favor, but in reality, it is in their best interest. If you have a gold mine that produces $72 billion dollars a year and it gets hit by a hurricane, you need to get that gold mine up and running again!!
    😎 So when Donald Trump states that we “are throwing his budget out of whack!!” It should be because this year that 72 billion will be short! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
    As for our $72 Billion-dollar debt:
    1) This debt starts with the removal of Section 936 of the US tax code that granted tax exemptions to US Companies to keep these companies from leaving USA to a foreign land and keeping them in US Territory!!
    2) Puerto Rico flourished for 25 years, and then the law was taken away way before it expired!! Someone said, “It’s Corporate Welfare” and boom, in 10 years the pride of our economy, the pharmaceutical, biochemical and electronic industries collapsed.
    3) Unemployment rose; professional jobs were substituted by menial service jobs in US stores. Professional class migration soared. Puerto Rico started borrowing to balance its budget.
    4) Puerto Rico has borrowed something near 72 billion!! But interest and foul play by Brokers in the US have raised the debt to a unpayable figure.
    5) Brokers selling stocks to subsidiaries ( something illegal in the USA) but since it’s Puerto Rico, it is allowed!!!
    6) Vulture funds now bought the debt at pennies to the dollar and now they want the dollar!!! They are Not even willing to negotiate even though they would make huge profits if they cut the debt in half!!
    7) They want to cut funds for our kids education, utilities and food!!
    😎 Donald Trump should not be the person telling Puerto Rico to pay our debt!! Have him pay the $32 million he took from Puerto Rico taxpayers to build a golf course, bankrupt it and leave the taxpayers paying the $32 million!!!
    9) Puerto Rican politicians are also to blame! The island was preyed upon by a corrupt system that created more millionaires than we’d ever seen before.political cronies were brazenly rewarded with millionaire contracts, without compliance requirements or enforcement. No different than the corruption that caused bankruptcy filings in the State of California and in other States.
    Puerto Ricans are US Citizens!! That have contributed to the USA for close to 100 years. Citizenship came with the price tag of obligatory military service in 1917, right on time for World War I.
    1) They have served in every war for the USA since then. Proportionally, more Puerto Ricans died in Vietnam than any other state of the union.
    2) The 65th Infantry is the all Puerto Rican regiment that was recently honored by Congress for its valor and loyalty.
    3) The 65th were the first to fire against Japan in World war II. Why? Because they where always the first ones to be sent in. The Torres’s, the Rodriguez’s, Morales, etc. first guys in, clearing the path for the Smith’s, Johnson’s and Captain America. We call them “carne de cañón,” cannon fodder.
    4) USA will not grant Puerto Rico statehood. We fall under the territorial clause that makes us “belonging to but not a part of.” A piece of property with unwanted people in it.Too many business interests would lose money if we were a state.
    Puerto Rico would have a huge voice in congress and Presidential vote.
    Puerto Rico contributes greatly to the USA every day, both economically and from a human point of view. we have astronauts, engineers, scientists, researchers, musicians, artists, and many other professionals that all contribute to the common good of the USA.”
    Ernesto Garcia

  25. I am appalled and ashamed that the Congressman in my district, Barry Loudermilk, is on this list–the only Georgian who is. Care more, people, care more.

    1. Sadly not true, Jody Hice is also a Georgian on the list. I can only hope and pray Georgians wake up and vote these Trump henchmen out of office and replace them with representatives of the people.

  26. I have seen videos of local politicians, mayors and others, stealing aid sent by US and other nations. Those same dirty politicians are going to go to the Puerto Rican people to ask for help and donations for their campaigns. Awake people.

  27. If I even HEAR someone say that aren’t ‘really’ into Politics or don’t vote, I SHAME THEM.. that’s why we have this sack of MERDE politicians voting in our country, along with the MERDES that VOTE them IN .. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR POLITICAL AND NON-VOTING APATHY… TRUMP IS PURE TRASH, EVIL AND A CRIMINAL !! AND THESE GREEDY Goons will meet their demise one day and then the BIG DEMISE when God tells them.. NO PEARLY GATES, they go WAY DOWN THE HILL to the OTHER entrance !! ” What you do to the least of these, you do unto me ” hmmm who said that ??? and this 50 something GAY CATHOLIC TEXAN DEMOCRAT has more GOD, more spirituality than ANY OF THESE REPUBLICANS !!

  28. If I even hear someone say that aren’t ‘really’ into Politics or don’t vote, I shame them.. that’s why we have these merde politicians voting in our country, along with the merde that vote them in.. There is no room for political and non-voting apathy. Trump is pure trash ! and these greedy Republicans goons will have to answer one day here on earth and then to God and he’ll tell them ” No Pearly Gates for you, take the entrance all the way down the hill, you’re there when it’s 3000 degrees Fahrenheit ! ” What you do to the least of these, you do unto me ” hmmm who said that ??? and this 50 something Gay Catholic Texan Democrat has more God’s grace and spirituality than any of these Republicans !!

  29. If I even hear someone say that aren’t ‘really’ into politics or don’t vote, I shame them.. that’s why we have these politicians voting in our country, along with there horrible supporters that vote them in.. There is no room for political and non-voting apathy. These greedy Republicans and the fake president will have to answer one day here on earth and then in heaven and he’ll tell them You failed your human and spiritual lives and heaven isn’t for you. ” What you do to the least of these, you do unto me ” hmmm who said that ??? and this 50 something gay Catholic Texan Democrat has more God’s grace and spirituality than any of these Republicans !!

  30. Moderators.. you can email me and tell me WHAT is WRONG with my Comment.. I have modified it to be less BLATANT but it sure is FAIR.. so please TELL ME .. email me !! If I even hear someone say that aren’t ‘really’ into politics or don’t vote, I shame them.. that’s why we have these politicians voting in our country, along with there horrible supporters that vote them in.. There is no room for political and non-voting apathy. These greedy Republicans and the fake president will have to answer one day here on earth and then in heaven and he’ll tell them You failed your human and spiritual lives and heaven isn’t for you. ” What you do to the least of these, you do unto me ” hmmm who said that ??? and this 50 something gay Catholic Texan Democrat has more God’s grace and spirituality than any of these Republicans !!

  31. If I even hear someone say that aren’t ‘really’ into politics or don’t vote, I shame them.. that’s why we have these politicians voting in our country, along with there horrible supporters that vote them in.. There is no room for political and non-voting apathy.

  32. These greedy Republicans and the fake president will have to answer one day here on earth and then in heaven and he’ll tell them You failed your human and spiritual lives and heaven isn’t for you. ” What you do to the least of these, you do unto me ” hmmm who said that ??? and this 50 something gay Catholic Texan Democrat has more God’s grace and spirituality than any of these Republicans !!

  33. I’m surprised that my Kansas Representative wasn’t among the list for they usually stand with everything low handed that the Republican Congress is noted for and this deed which they’re doing now because of racism, by turning their backs on fellow Americans is the lowest of the lowest which a President and Republican Congress could ever jointly do.

  34. SOMOSUNAVOZ raised over 20 billion dollars on October 14 to go to Puerto Rico. We don’t need the paper towels thrown in by Pinocchio.

  35. Three Virginians! Disgusting! Please vote in all elections, including smaller elections such as those for Representatives! The people must speak to stop such heartlessness!

  36. Interesting…. you can see the division in Arizona. Southern Arizona (with Tucson) voted money for aide, Phoenix with the rich snobs in Scottsdale, etc. voted against aide. Even my rep. Martha McSally, a die-hard right-wing nutcase and tea bagger, voted for humanitarian aide. Martha, thanks for your vote to help Puerto Rico.

  37. There are some people here who are unbelievably small minded selfish hypocrites. God grant you people a disaster of monumental national impact in your lives. The thing is most of these Americans who are commenting on these pages would defend your right, as Americans, to assistance from your government! These 69 wouldn’t! Sad!

  38. Little bit of history back ground. PR was invaded by US on 25 July 1898. Under the peace treaty signed by US and Spain, PR became a territory of US.1917 Foraker Act puerotoricans were given US citizenship. We fought all the wars in which USA has been participated in from WW1 to Afghanistan /Iraq. An Island of 3.2 millions has more than 150000 veterans today alive. We are not begging support. We are requesting what is right for American citizens living in PR. US Congress as well as Senate are becoming racist and enemy of the Latino , or non white people community. You don’t decide if you want to be one race or another. Respect and tolerance is part of our culture as American Citizens. Mr.Trump , members of the Congress and Senate. If you leave PR stranded, it will be the most coward act and treason against your all citizens. It is time to bring people with respect and tolerance. Capable to do what is right for their citizens and their Country. I am a War Veteran with scars in my body and mind. McConell, Ryan and Trump have you ever serve this Nation. Do you know about tolerance to other races and people? Start acting like grown men and make what is right for this Country this is not WWF.

  39. I am from SC…and hope each one of these representatives remember their votes if and when their state has the misfortune of experiencing a unnatural disaster!!! Shame on each one of you!

  40. Republicans tend to have a built in reflex causing them to say no to decisions on helping those in need. Then they are happy to accept aid, money and favoritism from the federal government at every opportunity.
    This is about Americans being allowed to help other Americans. The Republicans don’t ask our opinion. They just vote no.
    The difference between Florida and Texas is the their populations are white and speak unaccented English. Puerto Ricans, although they are American citizens, are darker and speak with hispanic accents. This does not sit well with voters in the South and thinly populated areas of the West and midwest. Sorry, this is simply political reality.

  41. Too bad the people of PR were without adequate local leadership, building code enforcement and political corruption for so long. Their problem is just that…theirs.

  42. YEAH the christians come to the front to be hypocrites,they fund their Districts over nothing but won’t help Americans in trouble.

  43. God will Judge all these individuals when the time comes. What did you do for them? You had a choice and you didn’t help. Did you put yourself in their shoes? How about if it was your own family member? These are the some questions that you will have to answer to.

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