Remember when Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails the day Trump asked them to? Republicans are asking Russia to help them out again.

According to a Yahoo Finance report, 40 percent of Republicans either think that it’s perfectly fine for Russia to interfere in American elections or that even if it isn’t acceptable it also isn’t really something that matters. In fact, only a quarter of Republicans are bothered by election interference.

A full forty percent of Republicans also either supported Russian interference to elect Republicans in 2018 or didn’t object to it. This number is cut almost in half, by the way, if Democrats were helped by Russia. Democrats, meanwhile, reject Russian support vehemently, at 86 percent opposing Russian interference even if it was to elect Democrats to office.

Yahoo also found that across the board, no matter who Russia supports in 2018, Trump supporters are more likely than the average American to think Russian involvement is not a concern, or is perfectly acceptable.

“Trumpers have long been edging their way toward a ‘collusion is awesome’ defense for some time,” wrote John Marshall of Talking Points Memo.

Certainly the President’s defense has rapidly become that collusion is entirely legal, even though there absolutely wasn’t any. That argument is borne out by these new numbers from Yahoo.

There has been an effort by House Republicans to make it monumentally easier for Russia to gain influence in 2018 and Facebook announced Tuesday that efforts to interfere in the upcoming midterms are already underway.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, when he was director of the CIA, went on the record saying he expected Russian interference in the midterms.

Frankly, we are under attack,” he said.

And Russia has continued to sow political discord in advance of the election. Just as the intelligence community warned it would.

Russia has made a concerted effort to integrate into Republican causes, as illustrated by Maria Butina, who helped connect the National Rifle Association with Russia in an effort to help Russia shape conservative politics in America.

And Russia has a growing number of rank-and-file Republicans supporting these actions. It seems Butina’s efforts, and the efforts of those like her, are paying off.

Forty percent of Republicans would gladly take the intervention of a foreign adversary in the political system of the United States if it helped them win. Over eighty percent of Democrats wouldn’t. The idea that Russia plays both sides seems to crumble when confronted with what side they’re winning over.

And, as Marshall said, that one side is starting to say collusion is actually a great strategy.


  1. Let that sink in…

    Sickening, isn’t it?

    Voting is THE most important RIGHT that Americans have!

    And close to HALF the Republicans have NO PROBLEM with the Russians – A HOSTILE FOREIGN POWER – interfering with the midterm elections!!!

    Personally, I think that ANY Republican who DOESN’T have a problem with Russian interference SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!!!


    If they don’t care about the INTEGRITY of the electoral process, they don’t need to PARTICIPATE in it, either!

  2. Power, Greed and Corruption. Any reasonable reasonable person with common sense should put number 44 in 45 place, 🤔. The big question is how will Americans feel if Obama had a relationship with Putin with the election meddling story.

  3. Republicans lie, cheat, and steal to win elections. Voter suppression, gerrymandering. The electoral college gave Trump the Presidency, not the American people. Many Republicans are perfectly happy with that because their guy won. NSA computers were fed all the currents facts and asked the question “What is the biggest threat to America?” The answer “Republicans”. Very telling indeed.

  4. This is the saddest commentary yet on the Republican base. They are not patriots, they are not true Americans. We are no longer The United States of America. We are now Americans and the republicans/Russians. They are throwing away our Democracy because of Spite and stupidity. Shame on you!

  5. It speaks to Trump Supporters IGNORANCE of America’s True Values; and how they find it at odds with their presumed ‘White Privilege’. They are the biggest threat to America’s Democracy; and Trump’s appealing to their continued support in the threat to his Presidency, makes him the most disgraceful, anti-American President in U.S. History!!!

  6. Amazingly, what they don’t seem to get is that the Russians helped to put the Dotard in the WH to mess up the country. What else would you expect, as they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

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